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If you’re not doing SEO, I’ll look for you and I won’t find you – Karen Dauncey

Karen Dauncey-SEO-Queen

So in this episode I speak to the OG of SEO and one of my favourite ladies in business. Karen makes SEO so damn simple and easy to understand!!

Money mindset with the world’s most ‘not boring’ accountant – Diana Todd

Money mindset

 Diana Todd is rapidly becoming a bit of a celebrity over here in Western Australia for so many reasons. I know, how does a tax accountant become a celebrity?

Tractor chats & old school community spirit for the win

Elsa Mitchell- Bossy Bitch-Podcast

As I sat on the tractor going around in circles, sinking a few tinnies with my brother, we got to talking about the local community we grew up in. A very small town, like many other in rural and regional Australia, that’s survival is weighted on the participation of the community of which it resides … Read more

Ahead of the curve conquering teenage mindset with Claire Eaton


There really is something in this episode for everyone. As a mother of twin girls entering teenage years, I was psyched to have this chat with Claire to delve into the world of teen mental health. As a woman in business, I was equally pumped to uncover how Claire made the pivot from school teacher … Read more

WTAF Is a Shaman healer with Cha Higginson

Cha Higginson-Bossy-Bitch-Podcast

Here for the big leaders of the world with Cha Higginson If you’re wondering what the AF is a shamanic healer then guess what, so was I. When I first met Cha Higginson she looked me dead in the eye and with a steady and quiet confidence she declared “I’m here to work with the … Read more

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