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This is what turning 40 looks like  

I know. It’s so hard to believe I’m 40 now. But I’m doing ok, don’t worry.

Actually 40 couldn’t come at a better time coming out of the worst 2 years of my life. 40 is a milestone for us all and I’m not special. But I wanted to share with you what it looks like for me and how I’ve chosen to mark the occasion.

I think there is comfort in hearing other people’s stories of life’s challenges and to know you are not alone.

I kept thinking I needed what I like to call a ‘basement story’ before I could talk about ‘how far I’ve come’. And a ‘basement story’ is the one where you’ve started a business on the bones of your ass in your ‘basement’ (duh) and then gone on to sell it for 40 million dollars.

But actually just showing up every day and moving forward, even if its at a snails pace…. it’s enough, its more than enough!

We’re all amazing.. go listen…

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