I’m all about the sweet spot

(and I know how to find it)

I’m Elsa Mitchell:

  • born and raised country girl
  • calls a spade a spade (which is a polite way of saying ‘tells you what you need to know, rather than what might make you love me’)
  • total business geek
  • has a podcast called ‘Bossy Bitch’
  • and is here to call bullshit on hacks, secret tricks, and 4 hour work weeks bringing in a squillion dollars in business profit.

Hang on, that doesn’t sound very sweet?!

My approach to business is nurturing and guiding, but in a let’s-get-shit-done kinda way. I love all the nitty-gritty stuff and the ins and outs of creating a successful business (which is what I want for you).

And when it comes to growing businesses, I’ve done it, I’m doing it, and I bloody love it.

I’ve spent loads of time in the weeds, building foundations, and kicking goals (holy mixed metaphors, Batman!) and now I’m passing on my hard-earned knowledge and experience to you so you can do the same. Only WAY easier.

About that sweet spot.

The sweet spot is where you can breathe. Where your website is well established, you’re making friends with Google, your social media game is strong, new clients are being generated, your customer service is top-notch, and all those systems you worked your butt off setting up at the beginning are now paying off for you.

I own a collection of businesses: a high-end building company, a hair salon, and this here business mentoring gig, and, yep, that is a real mixed bag.

The truth is, it doesn’t actually matter what kind of business you have, they all need the same basic foundation to grow successfully.

Sorry, no 4 hour work week. Apologies, no business hacks. Again, tricks won’t do the job.

What I do offer is the knowledge and mentoring so when you invest your time and resources wisely from the very beginning, you will soon arrive at Sweet Spot Lane. Right where you want to live.

Ways to Grow Your Business During Covid 19

So why exactly should you work with me?

I’m as enthusiastic about your business as you are! Promise. I absolutely love celebrating with you when you get your first Facebook message, and doing a happy dance when your glowing reviews start flowing in.

And I believe that creating powerful relationships is a non-negotiable part of business success.

So, let’s get this relationship started.

The Serious Stuff

Elsa Mitchell is the proud owner and operator of a popular Perth hair salon she established over 13 years ago and built into the thriving business it is today. She shares her time between mentoring business owners, the salon and her role as Marketing Manager in a boutique building company, while also raising her family with her husband. You’ll often find them with their blended tribe of 4 kids refining their surf skills at Trigg Beach. 

With an instinct for strategy and a strong drive for success, Elsa has funnelled her experience and know-how first into the beloved B-Directory and now her mentorship consultancy. Her firm but kind guidance takes newbies from the very beginnings of business ownership to growth, success, and empowerment…sweetly bullshit free.

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