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Your business runs like a well oiled machine!
We create that together.

The problem is there’s SO many elements required to piece together the puzzle that is creating a successful business.

And it’s lonely. When you’re at the top or flying solo……. no one is coming to save you.

I’ve been ‘stuck’ in my own head, where seeing the way forward is foggy.

What you need is the foundations in place, so you feel less cluttered and more organised.

To surround yourself with support, positivity and people who inspire you, so you feel confident and elevated.
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Hi, I'm Elsa Mitchell

You know how you started a business, made some $$ but a few years in you STILL feel like you're busting ya balls & it ain't getting easier.
In fact it's messy & that feels like shit.
You question if you even know what you're doing.
I come in, I give you freedom through structure.
And it goes it a little something like this..........

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Here's how I can help



Brainstorm, get a kick up the bum, hatch a plan, gain clarity around an idea, and problem solve.


VIP Mentoring Day

A transformative day like no other. We can achieve in one day what most businesses wont achieve in 6 months. It’s exciting!



It’s time to make an impact in your business. Find clarity, gain a community and create the foundations.



Take your business to the next level. Unsure what the next level looks like or how to even get there? I got you.

My Mission

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What makes me qualified to help?

Let me tell you what I am NOT….

And that is one of those business coaches that ‘did a course’ and have never actually owned a business.

Call me a bitch but I’m not ok with that.

I’ve owned multiple businesses, from the hair & beauty space to the construction industry.

And here’s what I know to be true……

It does not matter what industry you’re in, every business requires the same basic foundations in order to grow successfully.

And since we’re talking about being a bitch, I’m the proud host of the Bossy Bitch podcast. My special place where my farm gal upbringing allows me to uncover the incredible stories of women in business, that are flying under the radar, in all the hidden and remote corners of Australia.

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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”


And here are the benefits of how I help


I make good on my promises and loyalty is fierce. I believe in what you say, to ourselves and each other.


No-one believes in the power of relationships more than me. Because you’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with.


Good isn’t good enough! Your competition is fierce, if you’re going to do it… be exceptional.


I don’t just mean in profitability. Mentally, emotionally, and educationally; inner growth is equally as important as sales growth.


The ability to laugh at yourself is a gift. I’m a born joker & there isn’t a lot I do without my wicked sense of humour. Life is a game, let’s not play it too seriously.


I dare you to find anyone that will care about you and your business more. If you’re in my inner circle, it’s ride or die. I fiercely protect my people.

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