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Small businesses don’t spend money!

Don’t be that guy! I call BS on this stereotype about business owners. I REFUSE to accept it. You start a business to be successful right? No one starts to fail or to do a mediocre job. We want to make money, support out families. Build something of worth and sentiment. A legacy even. You want to back yourself and you know knowledge is power. Who doesn’t want to invest in themselves so that failure is not an option? No one ever said owning a business would be easy. You’d think that in age of technology designed to make everything quicker……easier…. Then it would be just that. Um no, epic fail there!

In fact its harder right? Keeping up with ever changing social media platforms, SEO strategies and what do you mean I have to keep updating my website? It’s in fashion to own a business. Feels like literally everyone has a side hustle. “What’s that mum, you know how to knit? Great start an Etsy store!” It can be A LOT! Cue me……….. I work with business owners to clear the path. Simplify the process and implement the strategies you need to create a solid foundation for your business. Because it’s a whole lot easier than you think.

Sometimes we’re just too close to our own stuff to see another way, or to know where to start. I don’t know about you but when I have SO much to do, I often do nothing. Call me the cheerleader in your corner, your mentor in business, your accountability and your voice of reason and encouragement. I got you! I’ve built businesses from the ground up, I’ve done the hard yards and I’m here to give you the processes that will build you a strong and secure business and save you a sh!t tonne of headaches later on.

If you do things the ‘right way’ right from the start….. you give your business the best chance at life.

How do we do this?

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Mentoring services for savvy business owners who need a helping hand.

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Workshops, Online Training and Personalised Training Sessions.

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What our clients are saying 

Elsa and Kristy are amazing! After a 2 hour catch up (with cake and coffee!), I now have Google Analytics up and running for my business. Its like a whole new world of data I never knew existed!

Jade Hardman
Kristy thanks so much for our recent meeting. One of my business goals was to increase website orders and I have been receiving orders everyday since we spoke and you worked your magic with all your SEO nerdy stuff
Carrie, Owner – The Beauty Bar
A massive thank you to Elsa and Kristy who have not only shown me the beautiful benefits of the interaction and collaboration of bloggers with small business, they have made it fun too!! I highly recommend joining the b_directory to be part of something bigger than yourself. Don’t worry if you aren’t terribly blog savvy, my learning curve has been steep and that’s the beauty of having the girls along to assist you!!
Rowena Hateley, Owner, The Flourish Centre

I was so nervous buying my first business but Elsa gave me the confidence to take the leap and I am so grateful.

The whole experience has been so overwhelming and I couldn’t have done it without Elsa mentoring me through it.

It has been such a relief to have someone to bounce ideas off and lean on for advice in all aspects of my business. It has made the entire process so much easier. Thanks so much Elsa!

Merissa Kemp

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“Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.”
– Henry Ford

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business mentor perth |B Directory
business mentor perth |B Directory
business mentor perth |B Directory
business mentor perth |B Directory
business mentor perth |B Directory
business mentor perth |B Directory
business mentor perth |B Directory
business mentor perth |B Directory
business mentor perth |B Directory

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