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Millionaire HQ

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Brilliant minds inspire brilliant minds 

Strength inspires strength 

Our growth in business can be largely attributed to those in which we align ourselves with.

I’ve noticed a gap in not only my service offering, but for all female entrepreneurs in Perth.

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There are two things at play here;

1. I have often reflected how deeply fortunate I am to have so many smart, inspiring, innovative, strong female friends in business.

2. I have noticed that it is those connections that often attract the same into my world. And that should be of no surprise. Like attracts like. We know this.

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Over the past year, I’ve had many phenomenal women approach me looking to be a part of a community but well beyond the “teachings” that come along with what is currently on offer.

To be honest I can’t believe it’s taken me this long to piece this together. 

So I am creating a unique, invitation only group. And I’ll be calling it; 

Millionaire HQ.

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A little corny maybe. But that’s just it. You can be both successful AND corny at the same time.

I know the term “invitation only” may sound a little obnoxious and I can assure this is anything but that. This approach is because in order for this to work, there needs to be a clear aligning of values. 

For example; kindness first, last & only.

Millionaire HQ is 10 women who get together twice a month for 6 months. Once a month for a social activity, perhaps a brunch by the sea at Island Market or a dinner at Nobu. 

We also get together for 3-4 hours one morning a month at a meeting room, in a central location (I.e – the Alex Hotel Northbridge) and this provides space to have those enriched conversations, connect, create opportunities, birth ideas & collaboration and inspire in a high vibrational setting. 

This is no surface level chit chat. And I will facilitate an equity amongst sharing so everyone gets their very valuable “air time”.

In between we will have the support for the group for 6 months via a WhatsApp / Facebook group. Imagine, 9 other CEO QUEENS (I can use that word because I am one) at your disposal to work through your challenges and share your triumphs. 

And I think if you know, you know. This will land for exactly who it is meant to.

The dates are pre set so you can plan in advance & accordingly.







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