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Money mindset with the world’s most ‘not boring’ accountant – Diana Todd

Diana Todd is rapidly becoming a bit of a celebrity over here in Western Australia for so many reasons. I know, how does a tax accountant become a celebrity?

Well you’ll have to listen to find out but it wont take you long.

Firstly Diana shares her own personal story of moving across the world, enduring her own personal tragedy and then embarking out on a whole new career path.

If you’re not inspired, I’ll eat my hat.

Money mindset is kind of in ‘fashion’ you might say. So why does Diana stand out from the rest? Well aside from her syrupy sweet voice and entire nature in general (bees to honey comes to mind), Diana when it come to money Diana combines the practical with the woo woo which really is the ultimate combination.

And with years of working with businesses and corporates of all sizes, all over the world, well that street cred that’s hard to top.

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