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Small actions every day = growth

Action to Profit is a 4 week online accelerator course to get un-stuck and take result driven steps forward to grow the shit out of your business.

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Now you can pay me 3-4k for 6 – 12 months of coaching with me or

pay $287 ON SALE FOR $89 & take the express train to kicking ass right now.

(yep, proud of my price, no scrolling or epic maze adventure to find it)

Opportunity doesn’t just magically appear, it’s your business - you’re the driver

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Oh I’m sorry, if you’re looking for the ‘5 figure months’ and the ‘breaking through glass ceilings’ kinda sales page …. This ain’t it.

I detest such phrases, to me it’s like the closing down rug store sale for the rug store that never closes.

I’m not here for what everyone else is doing…. I’m not here for boring. I’m that person that buys all the online courses and never actually does them or worse; starts them…. And falls asleep!

I give a shit about you and I give a shit about your business and here’s why;

I’ve owned successful businesses and I like how it felt.

I felt confident.

I felt like I was making a difference.

I felt like I was creating a legacy.
And that felt pretty damn good my jungle friend. Which is EXACTLY how I want you to feel.

Did I mention no course of mine will be boring?

If you hate people that drop the occasional F bomb and laugh at their own jokes whilst talking to a screen….. walk away…. This one isn’t for you.

If you’re here for real talk and a no BS, call a spade a spade kinda learning ……. Stick with me, I’ll show you the way.

So 4 weeks, what’s the juice? What will you learn that every other bloody coach out there isn’t already teaching?

Well, I don’t pay attention to what other coaches are doing so I have no answer for that.

I’ve OWNED businesses. In real life. Bricks and mortar, serviced based and now in the online coaching space (obvs). A hair salon, a building company and a mentor. I’ve done it and did it well.

So this course is about what lights me up and what lights me up = success = money in the bank (for you I mean but I guess also for me)

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In Action to Profit you’ll

  • Strip your business back to it’s core so you never forget WHO you’re client is and HOW to speak to them. So that you’re having conversations and building relationships. Good relationships are the back bone of every successful business.

  • Get clarity into the soul of your own business so that the world knows who you are, what you stand for and what the hell you have to offer (and wanna throw their cash at you).

  • Create the ultimate customer journey because guess what? The best social media strategy in the world can’t save you if you’re existing clients don’t love you sick.

  • Learn and create the key foundations to set your business up for success and give you an edge on your competitor.

IN Action to Profit YOU'LL GET

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Get the clarity, find the purpose

Do not roll your eyes at me…. This is the MOST important part of your business and so often we skip it because we think it’s ‘basic bitch’ stuff / it is not obvious. And it changes my friend. All the damn time.

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Nailing the customer journey

This is hands down my favourite topic. And there’s a reason this Module goes first, because without this, nothing else matters. Plus if you ask me this is the fun stuff. And I like to promise that my online learning is FUN!!

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If you’re not doing SEO, I will look for you and I will not find you

If you own a business you’re a marketer. And you WILL be a content creator whether you know it yet or not. And let me tell you something, you’re content has greater powers than you know. Plus fun fact, I know how to be friends with Google. And when you’re friends with Google, the world it a happy place.

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Content is Queen

Guys, let me show you my favourite kinds of content and WHY. And here is a little secret for you, yes content is time and effort but let me blow your mind with strategies that allow you to create one pice of content you can share across MULTIPLE platforms. This shit will change you.

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Bonus brilliance

12 Month Strategy Workshop

This is my all time favourite training. I touch on every damn thing you need to implement in your biz over the next 12 months. And dude, be kind to yourself. This shit takes time….. give yourself that time.

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Kick Imposter Syndrome to the Curb with Cha Higginson

If there’s one thing I’ve learnt; it’s that you can be doing all the damn things, laying all the foundations and busting your ass in the process but for reasons you can’t identify, shit just isn’t coming together for you. It ain’t working. I know mindset but I’m not the guru……. That zone of genius belongs to the incredible master of shifting self limiting beliefs, shaman, speaker and creator of big leaders in this world…… Cha Higginson. THIS session is everything…….. power up your mind and you’ll power up your business.

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$150 off Elsa Mitchell Mentor Academy

I have clients that join and never leave….. it’s true. Why? Because what I offer is more than learning. Its friendship, inspiration, accountability, connections and opportunity. And who doesn’t want that all the time? So if later down the track after you’ve completed Action to Profit and you decide you need little more Elsa in your life…. Come on in, the water is fine.

Payment Plan




4 Weekly Training Sessions (VALUE $699)

BONUS 1: Create a 12 Month Business Strategy (VALUE $149)

BONUS 2: Kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb with Shaman Healer – CHA HIGGINSON (VALUE $199)



Action to Profit

$ 89
  • 4 Weekly Training Sessions (VALUE $699)
  • Create a 12-Month Business Strategy (VALUE $149)
  • Kick Imposter Syndrome to the curb with Shaman Healer - Cha Higginson (VALUE $199)
  • $150 OFF Elsa Mitchell Mentor Academy (Valid for one Year)

Client Love

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Elsa brings a wealth of her experience and knowledge in developing, launching and growing businesses to those she mentors. Elsa has fantastic connections she introduces you to and brings in subject experts for all parts of growing your business. Elsa’s down to earth and fun to work with. I wouldn’t be where I am in my business today without her mentoring. I highly recommend Elsa for business mentoring andcoaching.

Lisa DelFante

Lastly, let me leave you with this

I did not just record a bunch of webinars I’ve done in the past with old clients and bundle them up into this here course as a means of ‘passive income’ (yet another phrase I hate FYI). I care about you more than that.I took the time amongst single mum life, 3 kids, guitar, football, surfing, dancing, coaching clients, speaking at events, podcasting and hot single mum dating life to make this – JUST. FOR. YOU.

I did my hair. I ironed my shirt. I thought about it.

And I cared.

So it’s yours, with love.


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90-min Workshop!

10 Ways to Attract New Clients