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WTAF Is a Shaman healer with Cha Higginson

Here for the big leaders of the world with Cha Higginson

If you’re wondering what the AF is a shamanic healer then guess what, so was I.

When I first met Cha Higginson she looked me dead in the eye and with a steady and quiet confidence she declared “I’m here to work with the big leaders and change makers, because that’s where I have the power to make the biggest impact in the world.”

Now if anyone else had said that I probably would’ve rolled my eyes and said “yeah, whatever mate”. But Cha spoke in a way that was without arrogance or bull sh!t. I believed her and you will too.

This episode is up there as one of my favourite conversations. I love Cha’s take on how we can best show up in the world and shine our light and how some of us…. just aren’t meant too.

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