FREE WORKSHOP; 10 Ways to Attract New Clients.

Mind Your Business with Mia Fileman and Cha Higginson

Not gonna lie, this is my first 3 way! Well in a podcast anyway and let me tell you… it was gooood!

I use to loathe the word ‘collaboration’ and I still kinda do. But there are 2 things I know to be true and golden when it comes to growing a business:

1. The power is in the connections and relationships we make. So. Much. Power. With our clients, our peers in the industry and our teams. Solid relationships are the holy grail to success. Which is why I show up for live events (yes in-person) over and over and over.

2. There are 3 ways to be seen in business and that is; paid, organic and partnerships. And guess what? You need all 3.

So in this episode Mia, Cha and I guide you through how to collaborate successfully in business and best of all….. we reveal the most exciting event for women in business the Northern Territory has ever seen.
There I said it…… Come to Darwin and get connected.

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90-min Workshop!

10 Ways to Attract New Clients