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If you’re not doing SEO, I’ll look for you and I won’t find you – Karen Dauncey


Look, don’t snob this episode off because you ‘think’ you don’t need SEO or that it’s too hard.

It’s not and I’m ready to resort to bullying if that’s what it takes to get small business on board with learning, understanding and bloody well implementing SEO. Or as I like to call it, becoming friends with Google.

As a business owner, I can assure you, there is no one you want in your corner more ….than Google! Because even though you have a fancy schmancy website.. this doesn’t always mean it can be easily found. Shocker right?

So in this episode I speak to the OG of SEO and one of my favourite ladies in business. Karen makes SEO so damn simple and easy to understand and I cannot recommend her enough!

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