Ahead of the curve conquering teenage mindset with Claire Eaton

Cha Higginson-Bossy-Bitch-Podcast

There really is something in this episode for everyone. As a mother of twin girls entering teenage years, I was psyched to have this chat with Claire to delve into the world of teen mental health.As a woman in business, I was equally pumped to uncover how Claire made the pivot from school teacher to … Read more

WTAF Is a Shaman healer with Cha Higginson

Cha Higginson-Bossy-Bitch-Podcast

Here for the big leaders of the world with Cha Higginson If you’re wondering what the AF is a shamanic healer then guess what, so was I. When I first met Cha Higginson she looked me dead in the eye and with a steady and quiet confidence she declared “I’m here to work with the … Read more

Welcome to my losing season | Ep 30


You know that saying, don’t compare yourself in your losing season so someone in their winning season? Well, I’m coming out of one hell of a losing season and I wanted to share it because who knows…. It might make someone else feel ok about their situation.