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Why VIP days in business are so hot right now

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I was scrolling away on the gram doing some solid stalking when I first came across the VIP day experience.  It was someone doing something similar to me in business, proudly displaying these luxurious days where she would take her client for an over night stay in a 5 star resort to work on their … Read more

Have your staff got you by the balls?

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Are you hiring and retaining staff out of sheer desperation? Sound familiar? Keep reading. You’re not alone.  The life of a small business owner in Australia ‘attempting’ to build a team currently looks like this; The constant slug to attract new clients to your business and hand their hard-earned cash over is exhausting because the … Read more

Embracing Growth with a Twist: As a ‘unique’ Perth Business Coach

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Hey there, lovely souls on the road to business brilliance! 👋 It’s your laughter-inducing life raft, your Perth business coach – here to sprinkle some wisdom while we share a virtual cup of coffee (or wine, or chai, if that’s your jam). Let’s dive into the world of business growth…. Picture this: you’re navigating the … Read more

The online world is full of smoke and mirrors

the world is full of smoke and mirrors

Feeling some big feelings today. Are you ready? Buckle up. Next time you compare yourself to ANYONE and feel ANY form of imposter syndrome, remember this; The world is full of smoke and mirrors. Two exact same shops belonging to the same person offering the same services – the one with “the prettiest” and most … Read more

How can a business mentor help you

how can a business mentor help you

The problem with finding a mentor to help you with your business is knowing which one to choose. Who is credible, and who it best suited to YOUR particular business can be hard to weed out. To be totally honest I find this industry I work in a little shady. Seems anyone and everyone who … Read more

TikTok created a tween economy that’s not to be snubbed

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Have we underestimated the power of screen time? As kids (of a particular generation), we performed chores in exchange for a few cents spent on a Buffalo Bill at the local roadhouse or corner deli. Today you’ll find your children squirreling their cash for the latest Poppi Lissiman handbag trending on TikTok because, without rhyme … Read more

Why I hate being a business coach

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On more than one occasion (in my earlier days in business), I got suckered into going to those ‘seminars’ run by ‘known’ business coaches/people. Like they’d be almost a little bit famous, you know, the ones I mean? Lured by the promise of being taught groundbreaking hacks and strategies to grow your business, I felt … Read more

Are you too old to be in business?

too old to be in business

I am LOVING the story around Jennifer Coolidge at the moment and her recent Grammy Award….. finally finding the success she always longed for in her 60’s. Very ‘on point’ for the discussions happening in my world right now. I don’t know if it’s turning 40 that’s done it for me, but career changes in … Read more

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