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How can a business mentor help you

how can a business mentor help you

The problem with finding a mentor to help you with your business is knowing which one to choose. Who is credible, and who it best suited to YOUR particular business can be hard to weed out.

To be totally honest I find this industry I work in a little shady. Seems anyone and everyone who has dipped their toes into the business pool can call themselves a guru these days. And it annoys the hell out of me.

It’s also a shame because landing on the right person can be a game changer. That I truly believe, and I know that because I have (and always will) leant on mentors to grow both in life and in business.

So, how can a business mentor help you?

  • Best ideas: one of my favourite things I do is spitting out fun, exciting and new ideas that are usually SO simple, but my client just never thought of them before because they’re SO close to their ‘stuff’, their vision is often clouded.
  • Accountability: If you’re in business you would know, it is VERY easy to get sidetracked and put a lot of your plans, goals and ‘to-dos’ on hold and then next minute, a year goes by and nothing is ticked off the list. When you invest in a mentor your fast tracking your productivity because a good mentor will ensure you ‘get sh!t’ done and get it done ‘properly’.
  • Bring the joy: I can’t speak for other mentors on this one, but I know for me, my biggest gift is bringing the laughs and joy into running your business. When you’re at the top it can get lonely, boring even. No one is coming to save you and you have no idea how often I hear people tell me they wish they had a partner in business. Essentially a mentor should be just that!
  • Make money: look it’s a no brainer right, the whole point of a business mentor is to make more money. I am not one for making promises of ‘6 figure months’ or ‘breaking glass ceilings etc. etc because they’re not sales tactics that align with me. Way I see it is if your paying me to help you grow your business, it’s a no brainer I’m out to do JUST THAT, and not just in social media followers but dollars too.
  • Clarity: sometimes it’s hard to see the way forward. Usually because your too close to it. So an outside perspective can give you clarity on the path ahead and this is invaluable.
  • Confidence: Self doubt is real and it’s the root of all self sabotage in business. Confidence is literally everything and the right business mentor can shred you of your fears and give you the confidence you need to show up and get what you need to do done.
  • Teach / foundations: I’m a business mentor because one of my strengths is teaching people how do the things they can’t or don’t want to outsource. Because spoiler alert – you actually CAN do a lot of things yourself! THE WHOLE POINT of a business mentor is to ensure your business has solid foundations to grow from, not just now, but for long after you’ve finished working together.
  • Connections: Guurrlll, I’ve got all the leads and connections and I’ll dish you up as many as I can to help you on your way. As icky as it sounds I do believe it’s “not what you know, but who you know’ and the one thing I do for my clients is to hook them up whenever and wherever I can.

If you know you need help but you’re scared because;

What if you get ripped off?

What if you choose the wrong person?

What if they make you do something you don’t want to do?

My advice is to shop around. And you can. Most if not all offer a free call, have a podcast and plenty of client testimonials. Do your homework and choose someone that gives you a full body yes.

About the author

I’m Elsa Mitchell and I help women in business make more money by getting the clarity they need, developing the community they need and implementing the foundations they need in order to make the impact they want.

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