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Would you know when it’s time to give up on your business?

when it's time to give up on your business?

If you had to choose between taking out a loan to get your business where it needed to be OR give up…… what would you choose? 🧐

It’s a confronting question but a bloody good one. Because, if your answer is give up…. You should now! 🙀 There I said it…. controversial I know (and a tad harsh perhaps).

I honestly believe this is the year you will need to decide what your answer to a question like that would be. A big part of this is believing in yourself enough to back yourself. Because if you don’t, how is anyone else ever meant too?

If you don’t decide NOW to evolve, invest in yourself, get the help you need and break the cycle of sameness then it’s all over for you. Mediocrity in business is not a strategy that will get you through 2023.

That’s some straight up real talk, but it’s the truth.

I don’t say this to be a jerk, I say it because I work with women in business day in and day out and I know exactly which will be the ones to succeed… it’s those that:

⭐️Are willing to invest in themselves

⭐️Willing to do the work

⭐️That back themselves even when things aren’t ‘great’

⭐️ Are open to trying new and different strategies

So, what would you choose? Are you all in?

About the author

I’m Elsa Mitchell and I help women in business make more money by getting the clarity they need, developing the community they need and implementing the foundations they need in order to make the impact they want.

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