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That time we worried computers were stealing our jobs

Perth business coach

Do you remember when self-serve check outs in the grocery store replaced your friendly check out human? When Netflix closed down your local Video Ezy? When online banking deleted the need for real life tellers? Google replaced doctors (ba ha ha). Was there a family in Australia that didn’t utter the words “soon there’ll be … Read more

WTAF Is a Shaman healer with Cha Higginson

Cha Higginson-Bossy-Bitch-Podcast

Here for the big leaders of the world with Cha Higginson If you’re wondering what the AF is a shamanic healer then guess what, so was I. When I first met Cha Higginson she looked me dead in the eye and with a steady and quiet confidence she declared “I’m here to work with the … Read more

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10 Ways to Attract New Clients