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Oh “you don’t have time”; I call BS

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There was a time I would’ve throat punched you for telling me “I don’t have time” is not a valid excuse. 

If you’d called bull shit on me for saying that, I shit you not, I would’ve throat punched you (in my head, imaginary style, like a normal person of course).

I’m a single mum with 3 kids. The father of my twins and I split up when they were one. Twin babies as a single mum….. I was living the dream (gulp!).

I look at successful single mums with heaps of kids and I think “oh, they clearly have lots of help.” And I think it with a twisted resentment that probably needs to be looked at. Which is entirely judgmental given I did not have heaps of help.

I am and was the full time carer of my babies and my family; whilst incredibly supportive and amazing, were a 4 hour drive away. 

It’s frustrating to be fuelled by ambition, ideas and an insatiable will to succeed so you can support your family (cos far out kids are farkin expensive) but be limited by the commitments that come with having to adult and parent. 

Sometimes I feel my dreams are bigger than the reality of my capabilities. 


And sometimes we have to spend time wading through a big pile of muddy crap to get to where we want to be.

Juggling a full time job whilst we try get our passion project / side hustle off the ground.

Sound familiar?

I’ve been there. I spent 5 years there. I feel like everyone spends time there. 

“I don’t have time” was my catch phrase.

But I received the 2 BEST pieces of advice over the years, neither of them are profound. In fact, I feel a little silly dedicating this post to them, but they were profound to me regardless of their simplicity and obviousness, and so perhaps in sharing them, it’ll help you to.

  1. Start with one hour a day – you can find an hour. I love a sleep in and a tidy house as much as the next person but sacrifice personal hygiene if that’s what it takes. If you want it bad enough I am a huge believer in “where there’s a will there’s a way”. And one hour a day for a year will get you a sh!t tonne closer to your end game than no hours a day ever. One hour a day tells the universe “I’m doing it” and you’d be amazed how the universe will make a path for you when you let it know you’re ready.
  2. The hour of power – Kids or not, when you’re busy as hell if you create an hour of power, you’d be freakin amazed at what you can smash out. In an hour of power you can delegate an entire day of work to a VA. Make a list every single day so that you stay on task, move forward and then dedicate an hour where you give that list all your finest energy and over achieving entrepreneurial action taking efforts. You’d be bloody amazed at what you can smash out.

Essentially it’s the same advice, just delivered in 2 different paragraphs, but it’s good basic bitch but solid advice.

And I know you’re tired. I get it. So farkin tired. Outsource your energy. Get help and accountability if you need it. It’ll be the best money you ever spend.

About the author

I’m Elsa Mitchell and I help women in business make more money by getting the clarity they need, developing the community they need and implementing the foundations they need in order to make the impact they want.

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