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Imparting Marketing Wisdom for your Small Biz with Vanessa Geraghty

Now this episode starts with 5 minutes of outright silliness.
I could’ve edited it out but the blunders were too funny, so I left them. Because that’s who I am. I don’t do ‘perfect’. It’s always about the laughs.

So whilst we muck around and have some great laughs in this episode, hang with me to the end because I promise amongst the storytelling we do get to some valuable tips on our favourite marketing tools to grow your business.

I love how Vanessa shares how she applies these tools to the average ‘smaller’ business. I find a lot of the information out there these days seems to target big businesses with astronomical marketing budgets.
Not all of us have those budgets right? So have a laugh at our expense and have learn along the way. No one likes boring marketing talk so we make it fun.

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