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What the AF is Voxer Coaching?

Voxer coaching

Noooo it’s not a fitness trend. Phew, right?

As someone that teaches digital marketing and has an online business, what I’m about to say will make absolutely no freakin sense whatsoever.

I hate technology. I hate emails. I hate the internet.

And whilst some of you are horrified I know for sure Ima getting a “hell yeah” from the rest of ya!

Why do I do it? Because I have too. That’s the reality. And if you own a business, so do you. Sorry, but you do. And if ya can’t beat em – join em.

I’m also a business coach that hates a lot of things about the business coaching industry (well this is becoming depressing isn’t it?).

I hate using sentences like “get to 5 figure months” and “break through the glass ceiling and reach your 6 figure dreams”, while I’m at it talking about launch strategy gives me severe anxiety too.

But don’t worry, it’s not all dark here, I’m not about to jump off the ledge, this gets better. Plus if I hate these things, pretty sure other people would too.

So let’s talk about what this post is meant to be about;

What the AF is Voxer Coaching?

Well first of all Voxer is an app. Yep, technology, I said I hate it but THIS I love. Voxer is a walkie talkie app that allows you to send live voice messages and basically just talk like you’re on a walkie talkie but it keeps the messages. You can also text and send photos.

Why is it so exciting?

Well imagine if you hire a business coach or mentor like me, and we can just voice our thoughts or ask random questions on the daily as if we’re working in the same room together? Through our own direct walkie talkie line? And we can share images, send photos, add files? It’s as if the Slack app (another one of my loves) and a walkie talkie had a baby.


But why is it genius?

Emails take time to write, hence we often put them on hold and don’t reply straight away They’re confusing, questions get missed, tone is hard to get and FFS – they’re boring. There I said it! Zoom sessions are great but not for a quick one liner – totally unnecessary.

My job is to help my clients get excited about their business and actually get shit done. To give you all the bloody good vibes and hyper energy you need to show up everyday to be the legend you wanna be and create the legacy you’re doing it all for.

So in a nutshell, Voxer Coaching is a way to take on a business coach that you can shoot the shit with on the daily. Quickly. Easily. Efficiently.

“Hey Elsa, what do you think about saying this on my Insta post?”

“Hey Elsa, what was that booking calendar system you said I needed?”

“Hey Elsa, I can’t be effed today, i’ve got zero motivation……”

Being in business is lonely. It truly is. And I LOVE the fun and vibrancy Voxer coaching can bring to your day. When there is epic growth. Yes, you will even get those 5,6 or 7 figure months you want if you’re looking for me to put a number on it to convince you.

Want to know more about Voxer coaching? I can chat to you about it for free. With no sleazy sales tactics attached.

About the author

I’m Elsa Mitchell and I help women in business make more money by getting the clarity they need, developing the community they need and implementing the foundations they need in order to make the impact they want.

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