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Geez I hope you learnt your Covid lesson

We’ve been a little bit sheltered and a whole lot privileged over here in little Perth, Western Australia. And no, Mark McGowen, this isn’t a love letter to you.
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I mean, how can we pinpoint just one lesson ya’ll should’ve learnt during Covid (yes, I say ya’ll now, it’s my 2021 yankee alter ego, deal with it).

I mean washing your hands and good hygiene wasn’t really new, but I guess for some people it was.

I bet no one sneaks a cheeky grape into their mouth in the fruit & veg section of Woolworths anymore. Which by the way – was always gross!

For some time, we’d gotten not only complacent, but a little ‘assholish’ about showing up for work no matter what. Let’s be real, there are many workplaces that previously judged you quite harshly for calling in sick for a mere common cold. (To be fair, mine was one of them).

Now, if you choke on your lunch with a customer in the store you can bet you’ll be whisked out of there quick fast (not a suggestion).

If you thought, there was no shame in coughing in public. Shame on you!

But ok, hygiene is the least of your worries.

We’ve been a little bit sheltered and a whole lot privileged over here in little Perth, Western Australia. And no, Mark McGowen, this isn’t a love letter to you.

Without sounding like a dick, many businesses have prospered. Quite surprisingly and quite substantially.

With Melbourne going into yet another lockdown this week, I have sincerely felt bloody awful for all those doing it tough.

True, could be worse, we could be in India but hey…….. it’s all relative.

I think of all the businesses that aren’t able to diversify during times like this. I mean it sucks to be a gym, but many were able to (and did) take initiative with online classes etc. Meanwhile you can’t get a haircut, or your eyebrows waxed on the internet. Or can you? And although they are floating about, I wouldn’t recommend DIY at home tutorials.

A few years ago, I entered the Telstra Small Business awards. A process I’ve done twice (successfully in case you wondered) and each time there was a question that stood out to me.

Do you have 3 months’ worth of your business’s turnover in savings?

And I recall thinking, shit that’s quite a lot. What could ever go wrong that I would need that much as a backup? No seriously, what?

Like the place burning down probably wouldn’t have even warranted that kinda savings. Hello, insurance!!

When the judges came out, they kept drilling me with one question that, until recently, I couldn’t wrap my head around.

“What if you couldn’t operate your business tomorrow, what would you do?”

And I thought they were total morons because I was like; “hire someone else to do it – DUH!”.

My answer was unsatisfactory, but I honestly couldn’t think of one thing that would put my business to a complete halt. Except for the impossible….. and that was ridiculous.

Am I saying that Telstra pre-empted the pandemic? Of course not.

But now I know why savings, and BIG savings, behind your business are so important.

When Covid 19 first hit, I was angry at myself for not saving more money in the 13 years I’d been in business. And I vowed to never put myself in that position again.

I’m sure many felt the same. But then job keeper rolled in and some of us started making snow angels in our cash. Yes, sounds obnoxious and braggy, but it’s bloody true.

I’m nervous the lesson wasn’t learnt.

I’m nervous ya’ll went and blew your job keeper money.

I’m nervous about tax time.

Because now there is no more job keeper and look at poor bloody Melbourne.

June 30 is coming. How prepared are you for your tax bill this year? Because if your business slayed it in the last 12 months, and I know for sure heaps did. If you had record breaking profits, job keeper top ups, quarterly tax credits etc, then your profit margin will skyrocket this financial year.

And not to state the obvious, but that means a big tax bill. And why do I care?

Because I don’t want to see frivolous and careless spending fuck up the economy for the rest of us that learnt the lesson.

Save your money people. Save. Your. Money. Get a good accountant / bookkeeper and get that 3 months turnover behind you for the next time some dick head eats a bat.

Disclaimer – I am in no ways qualified or licenced to actually give financial advice.

About the author

I’m Elsa Mitchell and I help women in business make more money by getting the clarity they need, developing the community they need and implementing the foundations they need in order to make the impact they want.

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