Dear Kristy,

Don’t ever go into business with a friend. That’s what my dad always told me, and it was something I always believed to be true.

Until I went into business with you.

Our relationship is one that even had my hubby feeling a little insecure. And who can blame him? Photos of you have begun to outweigh those of my kids in my home and I’ve travelled more of WA and spooned you in more hotels than I have my husband in recent years (business partners do this right?).

We buy each other surprise gifts for f*ck sake.

It’s insane to think that just 12 months ago we were driving around Western Australia, planning the future of our business (and life) and for 3 years prior we have shared an astounding conviction that you and I were ‘meant to be together’. Working together to help make a difference in the lives of others.

7 Things we learnt in the outback

It is next level f*cking strange that you can feel so damn sure of something, and then be so wrong.

I mean, you live the most toxin free / healthiest lifestyle of anyone I know. You make your own soap you nutter. So for you to receive a Breast Cancer diagnosis was weird enough, only to the to learn that cancer was aggressive and a Stage 4 ‘Metastic’ diagnosis…. well the world stopped making sense to me that day.

Now if only the weirdness stopped there.

I have to be honest, the day you looked me in the eye and said “I’m not going to die”…..I didn’t believe you.

The day we sat at chemo and you said “I’m not going to keep doing this”…… I didn’t believe you.

And I should of have.

Because you have a heart of pure gold, the most positive and strongest mind set of anyone I’ve ever known. And I swear to god you mind fucked that cancer out of your body. For me that was what cured your incurable cancer in just 4 bloody months.

You’re a freak my friend.

So it makes sense that you would not want to return to life and business of websites and boring ass SEO with me.

It makes sense that there is something bigger in the world for you now.

I will miss you in our little business that once was B Directory. Who knew breaking up with a business partner could be so hard but it’s a small price to pay to have you in my life – ALIVE and well.

We’ve always believed that everything happens for a reason and we’re yet to see this one play out, but I’d like thank you for being my business partner and for giving me the strength and confidence to follow my dreams. I literally don’t think I could’ve done it without you.

You have taught me to have good hard think about my whacky and often aggressive opinions before I hit the ‘post’ button, that I am ‘enough’ and that gluten intolerance is a real thing. But you were wrong about the soap.

You have also taught me life is short and precious and that we shouldn’t wait till we have it ‘shoved in our face’ (as you put it) to make the changes we dream of.

Because of you I’ll face this next chapter of my life with way less f*cks given.

So thank you my beautiful friend.

I am excited for this next chapter in our lives, me as Elsa Mitchell – Queen of business mentoring and you as…………..

Elsa xxx

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