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8 WA Businesses selling stuff you’ve never heard of this Xmas

wa businesses

The best thing about being a business mentor is discovering all the ‘eclectic’ and out of the box businesses, many of which I’ve never heard of.

Not gonna lie, it’s a dream of mine to be on shark tank………..(guys….. call me!).

The best thing to come out of our ‘world circumstances’ these past 2 years is the sentiment for supporting local.

Feeds my farm girl soul.

And since every man and his dog is doing a Xmas post about what to buy and where this season (which is bloody amazing…. When it comes to supporting local business you can never do too much) I decided to go a little left of centre.

A bit like me.

So here are;

8 WA Businesses selling stuff you’ve never heard of this Xmas

The Inspired Eco Warrior:

WA businesses

A baby on the Perth biz scene I’d also like to throw this into the ‘one to watch’ basket. This idea is genius and I can’t wait to see it take off.

They’re eco-friendly household cleaning and personal care products delivered right to your door on a subscription service. Kinda like Hello Fresh but for house sh!t (and like soap, deodorant, shampoo etc).

If you’re anything like me you’ve probably been wanting a more toxin free approach to your home but didn’t know where to start. OR (also like me) the cleaner arrives and once again, you’ve forgotten to restock the supplies……

They have an amazing starter kit which if you’re into saving the ocean, getting rid of single use plastic or know someone who wants to live a more eco-friendly (and time saving) lifestyle – makes a bloody good Xmas gift.

The Wonderbag Store:

WA businesses

I love telling people about this product, it’s a non electric slow cooker.

I know, how does a bag cook food without electricity? It’s a miracle. Spoiler alert – you heat the food first and put it in the bag (in the pot it was heated in) and it continues to cook for hours after.

An amazing camping hack or if you’re out on the boat for the day, it also keeps your drinks icy cold.

I also like to call this picnic farshion…… the cool new toy in the mums group (cob loaf at the park anyone?)

This is a Broome based business which I love but I also love that it’s yet another that supports a worthwhile cause and stems from a beautiful story to change the world. Head on over to their website and check it out.

The Prospect Project:

WA businesses

I know, I know ….. candles! Yes, we’ve all heard of them. But not these ones. These ones are the bomb diggity!

Firstly because they have the funniest sh!t written on them, secondly they are made in PERTH, yes our sweet little city in the west.

And I’m getting to the best part.

The Prospect Project is committed to being ethical, environmentally conscious, and unique in everything they do. They are their own harshest critics when it comes to being the best (which I bloody love because it means a willingness to always ‘do better’).

From their sustainability practices to innovative flavours, they’re constantly reevaluating how they do better.

Oh and they donate $2 from every order to a not for profit organisation. Bloody legends!

Eight Petals Perth:

WA businesses

It’s a little woo woo but don’t knock it until you try it.

This is a Perth home based business run by Cindy Henderson, a reiki practitioner. What the hell is reiki you ask?

First of all, yes – it’s an alternative therapy.

Reiki is a holistic healing practice. Holistic means ‘whole’, so of the whole mind-body-spirit. It is not attached to religion in any way unless relaxation is your religion (it sure is mine).

Technically, it’s an ancient healing modality from Japan in the late 1800s where ‘universal life force’ energy is channelled through the palms of the practitioner to the recipient.

Used as a form of relaxation to alleviate stress should be reason enough to have you all searching for your nearest practitioner, but Reiki offers so much more than this.

But when you book an experience with Cindy, it goes beyond that. Cindy sells and creates stunning custom made elixirs and is the guru when it comes to holistic healing potions, lotions & crystals. This is self care at it’s finest and an experience worth gifting, or trying out for yourself.

Cat Skreiner Human Design:

WA businesses

This. Is. Epic.

Throughout 2021 I’ve been deeply fascinated by Cat and her new venture into human design. And I know you’ll be thinking WTAF is human design?

This is hard to sum up ‘briefly’ but it’s the best thing ever and one of the best personal development tools i’ve ever come across. And I can assure you, I’ve come across MANY.

“Human Design gives us a system that allows us to understand our individual energetic gifts, talents, and unique purpose in this world.

It shows us how we can live our lives in alignment with ease, flow and abundance. It’s the mechanics of our energetics and a map telling us how we’re designed to interact, give and live in alignment with more ease and flow. To do what our souls are  meant to do in this lifetime.

Coaching has always been at the centre of my service offering and I’m thrilled to be able to incorporate the magic of Human Design to help YOU discover how to live more in alignment and connect with your unique Human Design.” – Cat

Cat offers readings, 1:1 sessions and a variety of programs. This is would make the ultimate gift for anyone feeling a little ‘lost’ or unfulfilled in either their business or life.

Simply Mayd:

WA businesses

This is a new business I came across when I was up in Broome recently and I thought, “what a cool concept”.

Chavon has created the business Simply Mayd, a slow fashion brand for people who want to know exactly who made their clothes. With ready-to-sew kits perfect for beginners, that make for the perfect weekend project. It’s anti-fast fashion at its slowest.

The exclusive print range of fabrics are digitally printed in Sydney by an Ethical Clothing Australia approved manufacturer, meaning their entire supply chain is completely up to their strict standards. Any other fabrics you find on Simply Mayd are sourced from Australian or New Zealand suppliers who use either deadstock, or produce fabric under a strict code of conduct with their trusted manufacturers. 

I mean, I can’t sew to save myself but thought this would be super fun activity with the kids.

Turquoise Creative:

WA businesses

This blew my freakin mind this week.

My super amazing clients in my mentor gang gave me a stunning gift that came with a card from Turquoise Creative.

I thought they were joking when they said I could actually plant the card and it would grow into daisies. But nope, it twas not a lie.

These products are 100% Australian made (ozi, ozi , ozi – oy! oy! oy!) and made with 100% recycled paper.

This business was founded by Sarah; a strong believer that every action towards a healthier planet counts, as little as it seems. That’s how she very naturally, with a graphic design background in her pocket, moved into designing and making eco-friendly items: Plantable seeded cards, recycled notebooks, cards and prints.

I bloody love this! There, I said it.

Elsa Mitchell Business Mentor:

WA businesses

Well it’d be weird if I didn’t put myself on my own list wouldn’t it?

I call myself a business mentor but if we cut the crap, I’m a business coach. I’d be an extravagant gift to give someone for Xmas but one that would see a great return on investment, I promise.

In a nutshell – I help women make more money by giving them the clarity the need, the community they want and the foundations they need in which to grow a successful business from.

I work in a variety of ways, either one off sessions, 6 month 1:1 coaching or you can join my 12 month Mentor Academy.

Choose your own adventure I say.

About the author

I’m Elsa Mitchell and I help women in business make more money by getting the clarity they need, developing the community they need and implementing the foundations they need in order to make the impact they want.

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