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What is a DEI coach & why you need one with Jessica Miller | Ep 29

This is another one of those episodes where I broach a scary topic. Scary because I’m just starting out on my DEI journey (diversity, equity, inclusivity) and like many others, I have a fear of saying the ‘wrong thing’.

But it’s that fear that prevents us from having hard conversations. And isn’t it better to have them and face them head on so we can learn and move forward doing it better?

And isn’t ok if we don’t always get it right?

In this episode Jessica Miller bravely shares her journey in business and what led her to requiring a DEI coach.

And if I’m straight up honest, I didn’t know what that meant so fair chance if you’re reading this, you’re also about to find out.

Oh and forgive me for thinking Karratha was just a small outback WA town….. turns out it’s a city. Traffic lights, Mcdonalds…. the works!

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