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Over sharing vs being authentic in business | Ep 28

Yeah, we know, it’s all about humanising your brand. Your audience wants to see YOU! People buy from people and all of that.  

Sometimes I feel like the more we preach to ‘be your authentic self’, the weirder some people get.  

Personally, I think we walk a fine line between being authentic and oversharing. Like self-promotion isn’t scary enough.  

If I’d been COMPLETELY honest about what was happening in my world in 2021, you would have thought I’d all gone nuts, and no one would’ve wanted to work with me. 

So, I chose to drip feed my hardships……. Because firstly, some things are personal. And that’s OK. 

And secondly, as much as I had the sh!ttiest year of all time, I was still more than capable of showing up and doing a damn good job too. And that is more important (in my opinion). 

So being authentic vs oversharing…. Let’s discuss.  


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