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12 Women in business ‘game changers’ … FOR your business

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Oh boy, when I see other people write articles like this, I get really pissed off when I don’t crack a mention. Yep it’s envy and I admit to it…… I’m a sinner, what can I say.

Yet here I am…… writing my list. But I just HAD TOO because I legit LOVE what these ladies do and supporting other women in business is kinda my thang……We’re stronger together and all that.

But before I get to my stellar recommendations, I saw Mia from Campaign Del Mar say something totally relatable on the gram the other day about referrals. I ONLY refer to people I love but just because I love them, doesn’t always mean you will. And that can come back to bite me in the ass if my referal doesn’t work out for you.

I guess what I’m trying to say is, I bloody love these businesses, but if you don’t ….. that’s on you!

Now if you’re not on the list and you’re mad at me – I get it. I know so many incredible, smart and amazing women in business, I could go for days. So consider this part 1, and I’ll get you in part 2.

And FYI, I get NOTHING out of this post… literally nothing… just paying it forward for these legends that give so much to me. Plus I literally get asked for these kinda referrals everyday. So here it is;

12 Women in business ‘game changers’…..FOR your business

Karen Dauncey – SEO

SEO guru, founder of Blue Cherry Marketing and the SEO School, Karen is what I like to call the OG of SEO (that means original gangster except she’s not a gangster). What I love about Karen other than the fact that she’s just the nicest person ever to deal with, is her ability to talk to you in ‘normal speak’. Karen makes SEO easy to understand and learn for everyone. I love that her services cater for the brands that just want handball their SEO and the smaller brands that perhaps don’t have the budget or prefer to DIY.

Diana Todd – Money Coach

Founder of Balance Tax Accountants and now a speaker and money coach, I’ve had Diana on my podcast, as a guest mentor in my Mentor Academy and as a speaker at my live ‘Inspiring Women’ event. I am yet to come across anyone that does not adore DT. What makes her special (aside from her syrupy sweet accent) is the way she has combined the practical and fundamental side of money with the mindset. Because the reality is, if you’re in business, you truly do need BOTH.

Cat Skriener – Human Design

I’m still so shocked to see how many people have never heard of Human Design. Like proper shocked! I really don’t know how to explain it in one short paragraph other than to say delving into your own personal human design is super fascinating and I love how Cat applies it to the way we operate and show up in our businesses. Think of it this way, you know when you see other people using these ‘tried and tested’ strategies that seem to work so well for them but not you and you’re wondering why the hell not? Go see Cat. It’s because they don’t align with what best serves YOU!! So wouldn’t it be great to know which ones did?

Lanie Sims Photography – Branding Photographer

I’ll always tell you, branding photos for your business will be the best money you ever spend. When you LOVE your branding images it changes everything. You feel more comfortable to show up on social media, content ideas are easier and not only do you love your website more but you’ll be eager to show it off. Lanie has done multiple shoots now for me and my Mentor Academy clients and I love myself sick in every single one.

Jay Crisp Crow – Copywriter

Copywriter and lady behind Crisp Copy. Jay is a regular feature as a guest speaker in my Mentor Academy gifting my members the skill to tackle writing their own compelling website copy that converts to clients. For me personally working with Jay was a GAME CHANGER!! Jay taught me that when you have the right words – you have the clarity AND confidence to show up and share your services with your audience.

Ela Mazur – Instagram

Where do I even start with Ela. I’ve known her since she was just a pup and followed her through her journey from fashion designer to now Instagram coach, marketer, influencer, podcaster and all round super star. Ela and I often partner up to run live digital marketing workshops and she regularly features as a guest mentor in my Mentor Academy. Ela works with some of the biggest brands in the country but also provides services for smaller businesses that don’t have those big fancy marketing budgets. Which I LOVE!

Amy Dury – Virtual Business Manager

The lady behind Myaid Consulting and who I like to fondly refer to as my ‘mini me’. Amy is an OBM aka a fancy VA, maker of the occasional website as well as accountability and business mentor… oh and best of all…. her superpower is being a master networker. If you haven’t met Amy yet…. I can guarantee you will! Seriously there is nothing she can’t do and EVERYONE needs an Amy in their life.

Mia Fileman – Marketer

Founder of Campaign Del Mar and legendary marketer, Mia and I basically share all the same values in business including my favourite – REAL TALK! Mia has worked with some of the biggest brands in the country and no one knows their way around a marketing campaign quite like Mia. I love that Mia shows up for her audience… for real…..authentically. None of this FULLY automated crap….

Sarah Thomson – Social Media / Marketer

Founder of Online Social Butterfly, Sarah and I only very recently became best friends (I mean, she doesn’t yet know we’re best friends but I guess if she’s reading this… now she does). Man I don’t even know where to start with this lady…she gives insane value, amazingly generous webinars (the List Builders is one of my favs), and some of the most valuable courses for small business owners I’ve seen on the web. Plus she’s bloody lovely. Obvs…..

Jo Saunders – Linkedin

Founder of Wildfire Marketing, I call her the QUEEN of Linkedin, and it’s because she is. Now you might start to see a common theme here and it’s that the people I seem to love the most in business are the ones that are so generous with their time, the information they share AND the way in which they share it. It truly is a gift to be able to explain tricky topics in a way everyone understands. Jo most certainly does this. I guess that’s why she’s adequately labeled as the ‘Linkedin Demystifier’.

Jen McGinlay –  Branding

“And when you smile….the whole world stops and stares for a while”…. this is JEN. Always smiling, always kind and the first to show up for another woman in business. A heart of gold but also a clever cookie. Jen is the ultimate combination of branding and copywriting skills and provides services that guide you and arm you with the tools, to go forth and do it yourself! I recently talked Jen into providing a service where you send her your chicken scrap notes and she forms them into ‘done for you, ready to go’ blog posts. Argh content…. and blogging… my favourite things.

Cha Higginson – Speaker | Transformation Mentor

Noone, and I mean no one, has had more therapy and healing done in their life than me. At times I’ve felt like I was on an unattainable quest for awesomeness (stay with me…. totally attainable). There’s a reason the ‘mindset’ (for lack of a better word) industry has exploded in recent years and it’s because we’ve all become aware that success takes as much working on ourselves as it does working on our business. I’m gonna call it how it is…. like many industries there’s a lot of ‘crap’ out there and hence why love Cha…. she’s here for the big thinkers / leaders and entrepreneurs of the world and I have experienced first hand ability to make some big shifts so that we can get out of our own way and slay it in business.

BONUS PERSON… MEEEEE – Elsa Mitchell – Business coach & mentor

Would be out right silly not to put myself on this list. You need me, you want me for your business because I am the queen of motivation, a good time but most of all EDUCATING you on all the things you don’t know… that you need to to grow your business. There is no business mentor or coach in town that will hustle for you more than I will. Well, this whole article is point and case. Im gonna strategically and blatantly link to my own contact page here.

Notice a common theme in this article? I support those who support me…. ALWAYS! I get multiple requests to be featured on my podcast daily but I will (usually) only feature people I know or who have been recommended by someone I know. I love to give back to those who give to me or others so generously.

So you would have seen my Mentor Academy mentioned a bit here….. I swear that was not the intent of this post but it here we are…. of course you’re interested, go and check it out here. I am currently recruiting new members.

About the author

I’m Elsa Mitchell and I help women in business make more money by getting the clarity they need, developing the community they need and implementing the foundations they need in order to make the impact they want.

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