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She REALLY is The Inspired Eco Warrior! An interview with Lisa DelFante | Ep 24

There aren’t too many people that have earnt the right to label themselves as ‘inspired’ AND a ‘warrior’ all in one sentence. But there is zero doubt that Lisa Delfante does. 

I believe that you can achieve something great without having to “overcome great adversity”. I don’t think one person’s success should be measured by another’s loss.  

However, having recently encountered incomprehensible loss and grief myself, I have a newfound appreciation for those with any level of achievement after enduring such hardship. 

Sorry no spoiler alerts here, you’ll have to listen to this episode to find out Lisa’s very tragic tale, but I can tell you she has recently launched a business which I can foresee is going to be a great success. With or without the back story; her venture has great substance within itself. 

Its innovative, heart centred and makes an environmental impact. 

What I love about The Inspired Eco Warrior is it’s a business where the genuine ‘why’ behind it shines through it’s every element. And when you listen to this story, and you hear Lisa’s strength, courage and vibrant ‘can do’ attitude, I can guarantee you will feel as impressed as I do.  

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