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Supporting women-owned businesses

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Strategies to foster growth and level the playing field Women-owned businesses are, quite simply, a better bet, according to the Boston Consulting Group. Yet despite this, the business playing field is far from level. “In Australia, two-thirds of small businesses which started in the decade to 2019 were led by women, with 38 per cent of … Read more

Weird Growth by Ammo Marketing #19 – Elsa Mitchell – Business Mentor – Find the bossy bitch within


A girl from the country, Elsa is a strong and successful business mentor. Elsa Mitchell runs digital marketing workshops for business owners in person (she’s old-school). She enjoys connecting with people and being her own bossy bitch. Great episode if you are just starting out in digital and looking to grow/get your content to the … Read more

Why Salons Are Making The Switch To More Sustainable Practices

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You’re going against the grain if you’re not operating your salon with more sustainable practices right now. Business coach Elsa Mitchell asks if you can afford being left behind. A hair salon has rarely been just about delivering insatiable hair, and we know that, Elsa writes. It’s about providing quality service and a staggering personality so your … Read more

Mind your business with Elsa Mitchell & Cha Higginson

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I have used a lot of different approaches to build my business, but one that I find the most valuable is brand collaborations. Collaborations have allowed me to grow my audience and have a more visible brand, which is only one of the reasons I love them. I recently collaborated with two fabulous women, Elsa … Read more

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10 Ways to Attract New Clients