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8 Of the best Facebook groups for business


I know, I too often ask myself what the point of Facebook is anymore (but calm your knickers Facebook, don’t block me, this gets better).

It’s a confusing landscape and I challenge anyone to find good, quality information out there that’s supports organic growth or traffic for a SMALL business on Facebook (FYI call me if you do).

The reality is Facebook is now very much a paid platform and ultimately, it’s all about how to get the best ‘bang for your buck!’.

And there are big companies out there throwing a shit tonne of coin into their FB marketing budgets. Us average Jo’s struggle to compete.

There I said it.

So what is the point?

Groups. Groups are the point. And to be honest…. I love them (and so does your mum).

But which ones to join? These are my fav:

8 Of the best Facebook groups for business

  1. Bossy Bitch – Business Owners United: Ok, ok yes this my own group but let’s be real, it’d be pretty silly not to put it at the top my own list. It’s small but is is mighty and real connections are made very day. Come join me.
  2. Women in Business Collaborative with Angela Henderson: At the risk of sounding like a psycho, I’ve had a solid crush on Angela Henderson for a few years now. I’ve always loved her ability to truly connect with her followers, whilst showing up on the daily like an absolute ninja to serve up quality learnings for us ladies in biz. This group hosts a network of truly inspiring business owners.
  3. The SEO School Community: I know this might not sound like the sexiest group of all time but SEO is something every business on the planet MUST know, understand and attempt to conquer no matter how terrifying it can ‘seem’. The host of this group Karen Dauncey imparts so much SEO knowledge in this group AND makes SEO so easy to understand.
  4. Book it in book club: Small but mighty, what a genius idea. A book club uniting women in business through the love of reading. And it if you’re an entrepreneur, fair chance you will know that knowledge is power. So this is a great way to build connections and stay up to date with the latest and greatest page turners.
  5. Australian Podcasters Collaborative: I’m on a mission to alert all business owners to the power of podcasting. And to be clear this does not mean you have to start one. There is so much value in just appearing as a guest on someone else’s podcast and here is why – it builds your authority, targets your ideal clients and is amazing for SEO.
  6. Women Helping Women Entrepreneurs: This is a big group on an international scale but I kinda like it because I think it’s great to see what’s happening in the rest of the world. Whilst (of course) I am all for #supporting local, our biggest and most popular social apps come out of other countries, we need to have our finger on the pulse with all international trends. 
  7. Jess Wilson Health HQ: What, how is this for women in business? Well, firstly Jess does a great job running this group and has a highly engaged audience so she’s a great leader on ‘how to’, but also her information is so valuable. We need so much energy and stamina to keep up with the gruelling demands of entrepreneurship and that means taking care of ourselves. Plus I love Jess’s recipes and tips that cater to ‘busy’.
  8. Low Waste and Low Tox Ideas: As a business coach I am seeing more and more businesses align with sustainable and eco friendly practices and I am here for it! It’s not my zone of genius (still keep forgetting my bags at the supermarket eek) so I love that Lisa has not only started this helpful group but a business that makes it easier for other businesses to operate with mindfulness and purpose.

About the author

I’m Elsa Mitchell and I help women in business make more money by getting the clarity they need, developing the community they need and implementing the foundations they need in order to make the impact they want.

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