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How human design will help you take control of your life and business | Ep 31


At the risk of sounding like a creep, I’ve stalked Cat Skriener for a few years now.

In the beginning it was just online stalking like a normal person but when she moved across Australia to my home town of Perth, this stalkers dreams were realised.

I wanted to share Cat’s story for a few reasons.

Firstly, like me, she recently underwent the most dramatic career change of a lifetime and pulled it off like an absolute BOSS. Fearlessly, gracefully and most importantly…. successfully!

Such a bold move, particularly from a woman ‘our age’, is not for the faint hearted but you only live once, (YOLO) so if we can inspire others to take a leap, then I am here for it.

Secondly, I am obsessed with Human Design. Its a little woo woo but unbelievably accurate and inspiring women to live their best lives both in business and on the daily.

What is Human Design? …. well shut up and listen!

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10 Ways to Attract New Clients