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Untangling the web of divorce: with divorce Coach Alice McDonald

Well since I’m currently in the middle of getting divorced, it seemed only natural to get myself some advice from a divorce coach on my podcast.

Right? But don’t go getting too excited. Whilst it’s tempting to use this platform to air some dirty laundry and give you all the juicy goss, this episode isn’t all that! I’ve spent over 20 years in customer service, talking all day every day with literally thousands of (mostly) women. I’ve heard the craziest divorce stories! I’ve seen women behave appallingly, I’ve seen children used as pawns, I’ve seen crazy texting / emailing / threatening and I even knew someone who broke into her ex husbands house! True story.

I’ve seen the worst behaviour from both women and men. Some possibly warranted, but most not. And I’ve been deeply fascinated by just how bat sh!t crazy divorce can make some people.So I wanted to speak to Alice McDonald and hear her story and how she is taking the crazy out of divorce one couple at a time.

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