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Stepping into your power in your 40’s with Bec Giles

As a woman in my 40’s I get a rush speaking to other women who are kicking goals and living their best lives after 40.

“It’s YOUR time!”. And if you know, you know!

The fierceness of a woman brave enough to step out into the world of personal branding and building a business after motherhood and ‘life’ deserves to be celebrated.

In this episode I speak to Bec Giles, who quite frankly could be the poster child for how life after 40 SHOULD look like. Bec talks about going all in with an absolute power house and boss energy amongst the chaos of love, loss, family and chaos to chase her dreams.

Most of us (ME)  find our courage fades as we go through the decades, life pile’s up and it can be bloody intimidating as hell to put yourself out there.

Bec is a breath of fresh air and sends a powerful message to go after what we want and if you’re not left feeling inspired to live a big e beautiful life after listening to this; I’ll eat my hat.

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