Mentor Me

Get to the sweet spot.

8 month mentoring program for established business owners fed up with just ‘winging it’.

The way I see it, you’ve got 2 options. Spend 5 years procrastinating, downloading cheat sheets, signing up to webinars and essentially just ‘winging it’ which will only get you so far in business. OR! Take my hand and i’ll walk you through that big fat to-do list and transform your business into a systemised, profitable wonderland that continues to work for you, long after we’ve finished working together.


Bragging is not my style but the fact is, I’ve built many businesses from the ground up into award winning, profit churning bad asses. Including a high end building company and I can assure you, just like the luxury homes we create, your business needs a strong and secure foundation to support it for years to come. 

I didn’t know how to build a house (let alone a freakin mansion).  Luckily my husband did. In time I’ve come to learn it’s actually not that hard. You just need to know all the little steps, then you tick them off one by one, starting with the most basic foundations and often outsourcing tasks to those who are experts in that specific domain. You do this slowly, with the best workmanship you can muster up until you have a completed project you love. 

Kinda how Mentor Me works for you business. 

You know how you want your business to look and you have a rough idea on what you need to do to get there. I’ll hold your hand and walk you through the steps required to form the foundation of an award-winning, profit-churning, badasses.

My holding hand process is one that’s been done with many clients before, it’s just never been packaged up like this and it’s never been so affordable. Lucky you!


I was so nervous buying my first business but Elsa gave me the confidence to take the leap and I am so grateful. The whole experience has been so overwhelming and I couldn’t have done it without Elsa mentoring me through it.
It has been such a relief to have someone to bounce ideas off and lean on for advice in all aspects of my business. It has made the entire process so much easier. Thanks so much Elsa!

Merissa Kemp

B Directory, thanks so much for our recent mentoring session.

One of my business goals was to increase website orders and I have been receiving orders everyday since we spoke and you worked your magic with all your SEO nerdy stuff 🤓

Carrie Anne
The beauty of doing something that’s been done many times before but simply packaging up and doing it differently for the ‘first time’ means, ‘first time pricing’. Again – lucky you! The launch of 2020 Mentor Me means a champagne mentor on beer budget pricing (you might say). I can assure you, 2021 will not bring such luck.
Now it really annoys me when I have to scroll and scroll all the way to find the price of a ‘thing’ on a sales page. I’m proud of this price and I know its bloody good deal, so let’s talk turkey…
8 months with me: $127/month + gst OR
pay in full upfront and get a month free – $889+ gst

It’s so cheap I almost feel dirty…. just kidding!

The problem most business owners face is they don’t know exactly which levers they need to pull to increase their sales (aka profits). With the online space rapidly growing both technically and in numbers, it’s easy to wonder how the hell you stand a chance to stand out.

Most likely you know you need social media, you know you need a website and you might even know about SEO and email marketing. The problem is it’s just SO much to handle on your own and who the actual hell has the time? If only you had more money coming in, you could just pay someone to take care of this stuff for you!!

Not to mention no one ever talks about the fact that there is no point obsessing over your ‘online’ presence if your existing customers aren’t absolutely raving about you and referring you onto their friends? Are you even getting referrals?

It’s a bloody vicious cycle and a frustrating one at that. You know when your to do list is so bloody long that you just end up doing nothing at all because you don’t know where to start?

We’ve all been there!

I’ll help you understand which levers you need to pull to increase your sales and we’ll tick them off one by one. News flash – this isn’t just about improving your online strategy, we’ll start with what matters most – your most basic customer service. 

After 20 years of owning my business I attended a couple of Facebook and SEO courses run by Kristy and Elsa to keep me up to date on digital trends. I found the sessions very informative and well presented in a fun and engaging way. I’ve continued to get some mentoring assistance from Elsa who has been extremely helpful and invaluable to my business. I would highly recommend Kristy and Elsa – they really know their stuff!

Alison Bailey

So what do you get when you mentor with me?

  • Great question. The thing is, when you put in the hard work at the start and set your business up ‘right’ you can get to that we like to call ‘the sweet spot’. It’s that place where your business churns a good profit and you can step back a little, loosen the reigns and enjoy the fruits of being an entrepreneur. Ill show you how to find that sweet spot.
  • The best part – the community! No one believes in the power of connecting more than me. Relationship building is the cornerstone of growing a successful business. It births opportunity and not to mention ‘you are only as good as the people you surround yourself with’. Imagine spending 8 months surrounded by absolute go-getters!
  • You know I love a good Facebook group so we’ll gather there, your only little posse to bounce ideas off for a whole year – woot woot!
  • Get Elsa without the price tag. Cos I’m fancy and not usually so cheap. 8 months of 1:1 mentoring with me will set you back 4k.
  • Take stock of where your business is at with a full health check and identify key business goals for the coming year.
  • Learn to spend an hour a week writing content that you can put into a library, multipurpose and schedule out across multiple platforms so that you no longer go through ‘ghosting’ periods on social media.
  • We’ll review your current customer service strategy then implement actual procedures and systems to ensure you nail your customers service , every single time, and turn your existing clients into raving fans. Because ‘good customer service simply isn’t good enough’.
  • Understand how to best use Instagram and Facebook to support and grow your business.
  • Learn how to maximise repeat sales and nurture client relationships with email marketing and finally start growing your ‘list’.
  • Understand basic SEO and learn how to implement free strategies online that will bring you new clients for years to come
  • Find out why blogging for your business is so awesome and how you can write your own with SEO optimising strategies. Spoiler alert – this will grow your online presence, bring yo new customers and provide with content for years.
  • Best of all, there’ll be no more guilt over not having done all. The. Things. Plus how great is it to be held accountable?

How do we do it?

I know you’re busy, so am I! So we’ll take it slow enough that you don’t feel overwhelmed and throw it in the ‘too had basket’ but fast enough that you’ll see real changes to your business.

Imagine investing an hour or two a week for 8 months to save 8 hours a week for the next 10 years.

Each month we’ll visit a new topic, there’ll be a lot of laughs and interacting and because I’m a face to face kinda gal, in person catch ups will be scheduled.

So here’s what you get:

  • 1 x 45 minute individual strategy session to run a health check on your biz, look at your goals for the coming year and identify key levers to focus on and incorporate into your strategy to achieve those outcomes.
  • 2 x monthly ‘theme’ calls for 8 months aka a Facebook live call where you will have access to group problem solving and accountability on our ‘lever of the month’. Each month will focus on one of our key levers and there will be guest mentor appearances. Calls will be scheduled at the beginning and end of the month.
  • 12 months access to our private Facebook community which is open 24/7 for advice, feedback, problem solving, support and most importantly….. laughs. Did I mention the relationship building is the best part?
  • Fortnightly emails with action items, hot tips and just a plethora of education around our topics
  • 1 x half time coffee catch up where you will be invited to connect as a group for coffee, cake (ok maybe wine if you insist), networking, great discussion and inspiration.
  • 1 x full time event which will include Champagne (of course) to celebrate the conclusion of Mentor Me.
  • Fortnightly emails with action items, hot tips and just a plethora of education around our topics
  • ME – this is important, this is not a ‘generic’ program that will fit into everyone’s box. Along the way the general content might not apply to you. You will have specific problems and questions and I will be available to you to help you navigate any situation best I can.
  • 3 Guest mentors – The beauty of Mentor Me is you get me standing ring side for you for 8 months. As most of you know, usually you’d get Kristy, the other half of B Directory, too. However, while she undergoes her cancer treatment I can’t guarantee what capacity she will show up. And to be honest, I’m not an expert in EVERY. SINGLE. THING. (Don’t tell my husband). So I’ve selected 3 people who I worship in business to show up as guest mentors for you;

    Ela Mazur – Instagram extraordinaire.
    Amanda Kendle – Blogging for business wizard.
    Jay Crisp Crow – Best copywriter on earth for business owners.

Program commences on February 24th 2020.

Here’s how the money works…..

Today when you sign up you’ll pay the first $127 payment. Then you’ll be automatically debited $127 / month at the same time each month for 7 months after.


Save and pay with a one off fee of $889

Let me tell you about a little old hair salon I’ve owned for 12 years. In the early stages of starting this business I invested my time blogging and hammering away at my online presence. I’m not tech savvy – AT ALL and it didn’t cost me anything, other than the initial blog set up. 

It’s been 5 years since I’ve touched my website or written a blog and I still get new customers weekly, if not daily as a direct result of that work. I can’t put an exact number on the value of this, but if I did it’d easily be 7 figures.

And yeah, I nailed my online presence but it wouldn’t have meant a thing if I didn’t have my customer service procedures down packed on the other end.

I worked hard and put the right systems in place and it led to finding my ‘sweet spot’, and I have to tell you, it’s bloody sweet. This business pays me 6 figures a year – profit, not turnover, and I work on it part time.

I believe in Mentor Me so much, I’ll back it with a money back guarantee. If after the first 30 days you feel like this isn’t for you, no problem, I’ll give you a full refund of your money and a bottle of champagne to go with it.

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