16 August, 2018

B Plannin – Small Biz Mastermind Workshop


B Plannin - Small Biz Mastermind Workshop

Do you keep saying “if only I had a couple of hours to work on my business I could really get on top of things.”

Ever feel so completely overwhelmed with your “list” of tasks you know you should be doing but just can’t quite get to?

Do you have a new direction or project you want to start on but are completely stuck on the technical how to, so you have done nothing??

Well, imagine sitting down with the small biz whiz kids (that’s us) and nailing that “list”. Spending 3 whole hours taking a full assessment of where your business is at, where it needs to be and creating an action plan to take you there? Feels UH - MAZING just thinking about it, doesn’t it?

Hold that image in your mind and now throw in having a bunch of cool cats to bounce around ideas with. Sounds awesome right? (did I really just refer to us as cool cats, who am I?)

So here are the topics we’ll be looking at to help you assess, understand and create action plans around:

* Who is your dream customer?

* What makes you special?

* Why?

* Is your website working for you?

* Social media strategies


* How’s your google profile looking?

* How can you move forward in your biz?

Who is this workshop for?

Busy business owners we want you! Treat yourself to a morning finding motivation and “gettin shiz done.”

You’ll walk away with ……..

* An assessment on where your business is at.

* A clear strategy and action plan to implement in your business straight away.

* Motivation to get out there and kill it.

* Some new mates & supporters in business.


Thu., 16/08/2018, 9:30 am –
Sat., 18/08/2018, 1:00 pm AWST


The Flourish Centre
32 Cedric Street
Stirling, WA 6021


Attended the Facebook training workshop this week and found it really valuable. Down to earth business ladies presented a professional session with loads of experience based and relevant info. They created a lovely atmosphere for us to bounce ideas around and the whole experience was great. Thanks again ladies.

Kathryn Nabbs

I really enjoyed the business workshop today. It’s always such a positive experience and so interactive, so business issues and ideas are teased out amongst the group for the benefit of everyone and your knowledge and advice is applicable from florists to finance brokers.

Annie Mussell

These ladies know their stuff! If you’re a small business looking for real and cost effective ways to improve your marketing look no further. I just attended a B Directory Facebook workshop and came away with HEAPS of great ideas for promoting my small business, as well as a brain-full of Facebook marketing knowledge. Highly recommend!

Jade Hardman

I left your workshop with a fantastic motivated and buoyant feeling and that's down to you guys – from your enthusiasm and the input you gave me on my business.

Elise Hinkley

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