The power of one with solopreneur Alex Meadows

Chills. Down. My. Spine.

I’m all about ‘giving back’ as a business owner but  Alex Meadows took it to a whole new level. And far out, if this doesn’t inspire you,I’ll eat my knickers.

“It takes a village to raise a child, but it takes a country to protect them.” Perth hairdresser, and solopreneur Alex Meadow was turning 40. On a self-improvement journey for the first time in her life, instead of a party, Alex unselfishly decided to throw a party that would give back to someone else.That someone else was the Daniel Morcombe foundation. A cause I believe would be close to the heart for every Australian parent.

I was spontaneously invited to Alex’s event, The Great Spectacular, by my friend Jay Crisp Crow with absolutely no idea what I had agreed to attend .Little did I know I would be so moved, inspired and honoured to be a part of something so special. In this Episode Alex shares her story and together we unpack some pretty inspiring sh!t.

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