Mums fight toxins to win multimillion-dollar business, with 123 Nourish Me | Ep 13

I love me a good rags to riches basement story. You know the one where you start out working out of your basement with only 10 bucks and then you become a huge success? This is kinda like that but minus the basement and the 10 bucks. In this episode I chat with Perth mum, 123 Nourish Me co-founder Alyssa Latto, about how she grew a business out of pure love for her kids and all things toxin free.

I love that Alyssa talks about everything from how important it was to have an engaged following BEFORE she launched her product, to the ins and outs of actually making the product and launching to market. I learnt so much in this conversation about Australian regulations, what’s allowed vs what’s not, tips for raising healthy kids and my favorite topic – what f@ck ups did you overcome on your path to success.

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