What makes a good blogger great? Authenticity. That genuine passion and eagerness to share with the world something you truly love. It can’t be faked.

It was this authenticity that drew me to Amanda, the brainchild behind the words of food, travel & lifestyle blog; The Chef, His Wife and Their PERTHfect Life. It takes only a glance at her blog to see a genuine love to promote and encourage success for local businesses.

It was obvious to me Amanda might be someone who shared my values and I felt compelled to chat with her. I was delighted that she agreed to sit down with me and furthermore to discover my assumptions were accurate.

Although Amanda’s passion is simply a reflection of who she is, it’s effortless and is reflected in all she does. How she selects businesses to partner with, her social media strategies and even how she charges her clients. Can you believe most of her reviews are done FOR LOVE????? Her sponsored collaborations with businesses are very carefully chosen.  The Chef’s Wife is the real deal and she gave me some great tips on all things social media, blogging and how bloggers and businesses can best utilize partnerships.

So here it is, my Q & A’s on;

Keeping it real with The Chef’s Wife


How do you manage to remain so authentic in your writing and review?

A: I always try to keep a 80:20 ratio on my content. 20% being sponsored and the rest passion projects so i am genuinely reviewing where i actually like and choose to eat. “I’m not in it for a freebie or a thank you” i blog because i love it.

This is amazing, you must get flooded with offers from businesses, how do you choose which ones to partner with?

A: I usually choose the businesses that share a similar vibe as mine and align with the same values.

I know a lot of businesses worry about the cost of using a blogger, do you have a media kit and how do you charge?

A: I don’t have a set price, i find it varies case by case as new smaller business starting out usually have a different budget and requirements to say a larger more established business.

Amanda you’re really killing it on Facebook, what are your thoughts on blog vs social media?

A: Facebook and Instagram are both great however I personally prefer Facebook because its easier to drive my readers to my blog from there and I prefer the blog to social media because “a quick FB or Insta pic is good for about 5 mins but a blog publication lasts forever.”

“Also i’m finding the current Instagram algorithm is pushing people back to blogs”.

And any social media hacks you can offer?


  1. “Content is king.” Be sure to give your audience valuable information. I think this is often more engaging than a witty caption.
  2. Research your hashtags. Understand and work out which hashtags are relevant to your business. It’s important to make sure you choose local and targeted tags e.g – #perthcafe if your a cafe in Perth.
  3. Facebook groups are great for businesses to gain exposure in. You receive more benefit if you’re also contributing and giving to the group.

What 4 tips would you give to businesses looking for a blogger to partner with?


  1. Be specific with what you’re offering and what you want, how many posts your after, what kind of social media content you require etc.
  2. Choose who you partner with wisely, shop around and make sure you find a blogger who is a good fit for “your business” and its values. Look at the bigger picture.
  3. Make the most of the content i provide you, share the posts on your on social media, website, in your newsletters etc. This ensures maximum exposure and so much extra value comes with doing this.
  4. Give feedback after the campaign is over.


A massive thank you to Amanda, The Chef His Wife and their PERTHfect Life for your generous tips and most of all giving me your time.

Elsa Mitchell

Elsa Mitchell is the co-founder of B Directory, providing outside of the box solutions for small business, to help supercharge their growth. One of the ways they do this is by connecting business, bloggers and influencers to create the right online partnerships. B Directory also provides training and management of marketing services to help ease the overwhelm facing small business today.

Elsa’s ability to provide guidance to B Directory clients is underpinned by her extensive business background. Over ten years ago she established her own salon in the beauty industry, which is now a popular and successful operation. Further to this, Elsa is also the Marketing Director of her family business in the building and construction industry.

Elsa’s success in the customer service industry has allowed her to identify solutions and strategies surrounding bricks and mortar sales and building a positive team culture. A skill set she now is able to utilise to educate her B Directory customers.

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