Is good old- fashioned customer service dead?

Look I’ve been saying it for a long time; “good customer service isn’t good enough”.

And guess what? It’s free. Outstanding customer service is free. I know, shocker, right?

So many businesses get (borderline) obsessive over their social media when in reality, even the best Instagram strategy in the world won’t save you if your existing clients don’t absolutely ‘love you sick’.

I hate saying this but not all businesses have suffered at the hand of Covid. Many have thrived. But for how long?

I will validate that in Australia there’s an across the board shortage when it comes to finding good staff to employ, and that makes it hard. No doubt about it. In this case, you can still show up with your clients by acknowledging and owning that which you cannot change, i.e – “we thank you for your ongoing support at this time. As we’re currently experiencing staff shortages we apologise if your experience with us was less than exceptional and we thank you for your patience as we navigate these tricky times”.

However, DO NOT ever take times of boom for granted. Because what happens when it quietens down? And it will. Will your clients love you enough to support you then?

In this episode I have a good old Elsa rant about some subpar customer service experiences, particularly in the real estate industry.

Because good old-fashioned customer service…. Will never die.

Elsa Mitchell:

Elsa Mitchell:



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