I’m not sure if it’s the harassing SEO emails from randoms or fear of the unknown that has business owners burying their head in the sand, but one thing we know for sure is you guys run for the hills when we start talking SEO.

And it’s annoying.

Because if you own a business you NEED Google to be friends with you. And in order for Google to be friends with you, you NEED to work on your SEO.

I’m sorry for all the shouting, we feel quite strongly about this.


So, why a little SEO training can go a LONG way


Let me tell you a little story about a wee little suburban hairdresser that accidentally nailed her SEO. (Ok fine the story is about me!)

Hair salons are a dime a dozen business. It’s safe to say it’s a super competitive market but I was determined to stand out and attract new customers – by whatever means necessary.

At that time (about 7 years ago) blogging was in the peak of its trendiness. Eager to be one of the cool kids, naturally I started a blog. I’d write a lot of nonsense articles that were good for a laugh and then i’d throw in the occasional one that I’d hoped people would find if they were to Google a particular phrase. Such as “organic hair colour Perth”.

I also managed to get a few of my blogging buddies to feature my salon in their posts too. 

Because I’m vain I wanted to get as many ‘clicks’ as possible on my posts. At the time I thought perhaps I would become a famous blogger, my quick wit would finally be ‘discovered’. So of course I shared my articles on Facebook and paid to boost them so they would be seen by as many people as possible. I’d relish over my ‘click’ numbers.

Another thing I used to do was sit online and see how many different sites I could get my business listed onto for free. I’d fill out every Google profile I could find. 

What I did not realise, was that I was carrying out SEO for my business. And I was doing a bloody good job of it. Google and I became close buddies, and it barely cost me a cent.

As I write this today I still own that hair salon, I have not published an article on my blog for 4 years but I still get new clients almost daily as a direct result of those old blogs posts and SEO strategies. That ‘little suburban salon’ pays me a 6 figure income and has done for 7 years.

Now, of course SEO is just a slice of the pie in the many factors that make up a successful business, but it’s a pretty big slice that has a nice ROI (return on investment).

Don’t we all deserve to be successful? Isn’t the whole idea of owning your own business, to be able to turn a big enough profit to support your family?

A lot of this stuff isn’t hard, nor expensive. It’s just having the up and go to learn, get it done and make it happen. A little bit of SEO training will go a long way. 


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