Dear Kristy,

I write you this letter while drinking a bottle of wine at Smith’s beach. The last time I was here, it was with you.

Tomorrow’s your birthday. I’m happy to say, you’re getting that big party you always wanted, it’s a shame you won’t be there. But we’ll make you proud and I’m sure there’ll be plenty of entertaining “Glenn” stories to report after.

You and I believed we were soulmates. Put on this earth to do great things together.

We had the most open and honest conversations. No offense Glenn, but we thought we would make the ultimate married couple.

We’d buy each other surprise gifts, write love notes and just months ago, I received a gift from you in the mail. I wish I didn’t drink it straight away. Because little did I know, it’s the last gift you’d send.

My favourite memories are of our travels together and how we could literally talk for hours.

The best would be when we arrived. You’d unzip your suitcase and pull out the essential oils blend you’d made for me because you knew I got nervous, and i’d pull out champagne and m&m’s for you cos I knew you’d be boring 

One of the best days of my life, was when we hiked up Middle Springs in Kununurra with Maria and Julia. The 4 of us sat in the waterfall not speaking. Getting “pounded by nature” as Julia put it. It was one of the most incredible and spiritual moments. 

 You were always the smartest and kindest person in the room.  Your photographic memory impressed the hell out of me. So for your brain to endure what it did, I’ll never understand.

Kristy you were the best of all of us.

You never spoke badly about anyone. That being said, if someone crossed a line with you, you would not be afraid to firmly put them in their place. And if you did. They deserved it.

I’d love to know now, what you think the 1’s really meant. You’d often point out mid conversation “oh look its 1.11” or we’d jump in the car and you’d say “look it ‘s 11.11”. I have many messages you screenshot and sent back that say “ look at the time” with the time stamp 1.11 or 11.11.

Seeing 3 x 1s is supposed to be a spiritual sign you’re on the right path. We thought it a lucky omen of our journey in life together. 

But then you were diagnosed on 1/11 and on the drive home the car in front of you had 111 on the number plates.

We thought it was lucky. But I wonder if we were wrong

Aside from the god-awful toothpaste you make your children use and the weird fish you have them eat, you were the best mother.

 I’ve not forgotten our conversations dissecting the personalities of your 3 beautiful girls Holly, Eva and Mia. I know your fears and desires for how you want them to live life. I need you to know, we got you. And we can all see Glenn has been an incredible source of strength for them and you. You’d be so proud.

My heart’s broken and I’m angry at the world for taking you, but we have a saying in my house – “be the Kristy.”

 You’d see the magic and beauty of 652 people, most strangers, donating to Go Fund Me, not for the money but as 652 acts of pure kindness.

You’d love the unsung hero’s such as Kate & Steve, who incredibly and unselfishly gave up their lives entirely to support you all.

You’d be stoked at Kelly and Greg next door who helped with the kids and their incredible efforts organising the breast cancer walk. And your family and friends that took the time to turn your home into a healing space.

You’d feel privileged to have your amazing family and Glenn’s too. All of which loved and supported you unconditionally.

Your heart would be full of gratitude for all that cooked, offered to clean, sent gifts, offered healing, donated experiences, took photos and so much more.

Because “being the kristy” means to live fearlessly

I love you Kristy.

Please send me all the 1’s.



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