Over the past 13 years employing staff, often of the younger generation, I’ve endured countless interesting (oh let’s be honest, jaw dropping & outright painful)  ‘experiences’ interviewing our so called ‘youth of today’. 

I’m sure my fellow business owners can agree with me, that the hiring process is probably the worst part of owning a business. It wouldn’t be a stretch to say I’d rather gouge my eyes out with a fork. 

Before I head down the dark and harrowing path I’m about to lead you on, let me state for the record that if you’re afraid of hiring staff and expanding – you should be! But it ain’t all bad, in fact mostly it’s good. Great staff exist and you need them to grow. But it is almost certain you will kiss a few toads before you find them. The toads will be worth it. I have and have had tons of incredible staff and I love them all. 

This post is to make a difference. And whilst I make a lot of jokes, im bloody serious. If you’re a teenager or parent of – this could change your life. If you’d only listen. 


Dear any teenager ever wanting a job,


Oh hi there, look at you reading a thing, #highfives. Stay with me, I promise this won’t be boring.

I just wanted to give you a heads up on some stuff that you might need to know when you’re headed out into the workforce. Oh I know what you’re thinking, you’re just going to get a barista job while you’re at uni or an apprenticeship, what could you possibly need to know? Well sit tight, I’m about to blow your mind.

Going for a job interview is actually harder than you think #truestory. Having a job is a precious commodity, even it its just stacking shelves at IGA or making coffee at your local cafe. It’s important to the people that bust their balls employing you and your colleagues. Every job – is important. 

So alongside all the basic things required by an individual attending a job interview, which I’m sure you already know, i.e – be on time, be reliable etc. there are a few others you might not have thought of, so i’m here to help:


  • So you’ve picked yourself up a sweet can of red bull the size of your head or a tasty Boost juice (#treatyoself). DO NOT bring this to consume during your interview. It’s not ok. 


  • Now, I’m one of those cool mums thats all over social media. I LOVE it. BUT heads up, if naked mirror selfies are your thing (and damn I’m sure you look hot) make sure your have super private settings. Given a lot of jobs are advertised on Facebook now, when you apply via FB it makes it easier than ever to take a quick sneaky peek at your profile. And if i’m being honest, the reality is most employers will do a quick online stalk before they hire you….. what will they find?


  • I know you’re too young to afford your own personal assistant and that SUCKS, guuuurrrrrl…. I feel ya! HOWEVER, it would be super awesome if you left your phone out of site and on silent throughout the interview. Please, and I beg you, don’t answer it and start a conversation mid interview.


  • Personal grooming matters. I am all for man buns, skater shoes and mum jeans and I totes get that money is tight (it’s why you’re getting a job in the first place right?) so all we ask is for you to be clean and well presented. Oh and I feel pretty strongly that wearing a tracksuit is not ok in any situation. OK? NONE! Clean clothes and a shower will go a long LONG way. If you show up to a job interview with me wearing sneakers and a tracksuit you might as well DM me that you give no f@cks whatsoever about getting the job.


Now, please don’t underestimate the importance of what I’ve said. I know it might seem trivial and silly but it’s a big deal. This matters. And I want what’s best for you. We ALL want what’s best for you.

Now go forth and slay that interview. When you actually get the job, call me and I’ll tell you what happens next.


Your friend

Elsa Mitchell 






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