It’s hard to know what to say when the world is falling to pieces.

On one hand it’s desirable to spread positivity and make attempts to motivate the masses. ‘Look on the bright side’. But if you lack an ounce of authenticity at a time like this you run this risk of just motivating someone to want to punch you in the face.

So, I can only draw from my own experience at this time.

I’m someone that finds motivation and inspiration from others doing innovative shit, and I get off on sharing those stories. But i’m also a realist that understands for many of us, re inventing the wheel isn’t going to happen right now, and success probably just looks like seeing your business come out the other side….. whilst not killing your kids and getting divorced. And thats ok. 

I draw on lived experienced and I call bullshit on in-genuine positivity preaching.  

As a result of this Covid 19 shit storm, I have been ‘unlucky enough’ to take a huge hit in my business (like so many others). And i’ve been ‘unlucky enough’ to be in a position where no amount of innovation or ‘pivoting’ will turn water into wine.

However, I have been ‘lucky enough’ to be financially prepared for a temporary decrease in business, ‘lucky enough’ to not be completely wiped out and ‘lucky enough’ to have a business that is strong enough to come out on the other side.

If luck is what you wish to call it.

So my lessons to date from the Covid 19 shit storm are legit. I do see positives and positives I will get from this. Do they make me feel any happier or less anxious right now? No. But, bright side remember.

So here’s what I’m gaining, or learning if you will, in all of this.


5 Business tips learnt:


1. Time to take out the trash: Pre Covid 19 I’ve been putting up with a lot of things, for a long time, that haven’t been ideal for me in my business for fear of upsetting the apple cart. This is mostly around the actions of other people. Well the apple cart has been blown to shreds  and I’ve got nothing more to lose, this is the time to get rid of what is not working. Strengthen your team, and get rid of the things that haven’ t been working for you. 

2. Time to raise the bar: Again I’ve held off on implementing systems and procedures because of my fear of how other people would react but also just stuck in old routines. The reality is, if I’m going to endure the stress and anxiety that comes with owning a business then its going to be for one that runs the way I want, to the standards I set. There is no place for mediocracy in my business, now is the time for change and to become the best versions of ourselves. Revise your workplace procedures and contracts. 

3. Be a good human: Being a farm girl it’s ingrained in me to be community minded. To give back. This is a value I strive for always in my business and one that I had no idea would be so important during Covid 19. The past 12 years in business I have always placed importance on giving back to the community and our clients. Little did I know this would come back to me in droves when we were down on our luck. The way our community has rallied behind us during this time has been unexpected, over whelming and life saving. 

4. Save and then save some more: I doubt any of us will be frivolous in our spending ever again after this and i’m sure no one needs this pointed out. Sava da money…… and then save some more. 

5. Maintain integrity at all costs: When the shit started to hit the fan my book keeper was messaging me on the daily. “Would you like me to pay the rent? Do you want me to pay these suppliers?” Of course I wanted to say no, but I’ll happily go broke before I compromise on my integrity. The long game is – my business thrives! Integrity at all costs will be key to your success on the other end. 

BONUS BUSINESS TIP: THANK GOODNESS I have systems in place that allow me to communicate with my clients. Social media and email marketing have been fundamental in talking to our clients daily, to update on what is happening, whilst nurturing relationships and keeping our business alive. This might sound like the most obvious and easiest detail but I can not imagine how we would have managed if we didn’t have these tools keeping us so connected. 

Be safe everyone and props to everyone keeping their head above water and virtual hugs to those who haven’t. 



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