I’m not the most politically correct person getting around so talking to a ‘greenie’ about Aboriginal culture, it’s safe to say I’m in way over my head.

The problem ‘these days’ is too many of us are terrified of saying the wrong thing publicly for fear of trolls and condemnation, so we avoid the hard conversations and tackling any topic we may be ignorant around. I decided to be brave because this shit is important, and we could all do to step up and diversify our knowledge on different cultures. Or in this instance – my very own Australian culture and heritage.

Businesses like Kooyar Wongi exist because of people like me and I am excited to have this chat about breaking down barriers between aboriginal and non-aboriginal people by asking those questions and having those conversations many of us are usually too scared to get into.


Kooyar Wongi https://www.kooyarwongi.com.au/

Kooyar Wongi – a majority Aboriginal owned environmental, heritage and community engagement consulting business.


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