How to grow your business on social media 


Have you ever been to a party and been stuck with that one person that only talks about themselves? Not asking a single question about you or showing any interest in you what so ever? It’s all me, me, me!

It’s freakin annoying isn’t it?

So that’s kinda the scenario that plays out when you dump and run on social media.

I like to call them ‘Facebook Creepers’. I know all about them because I’m married to one. He’s on Facebook, but you can’t see him. He’s lurking around your page, he’s laughing at your video’s and he’s reading your articles but he will never. EVER. ENGAGE. No commenting, no liking, nada. Facebook creep!

Luckily for him I am the admin on his business page (and I am NOT a Facebook creep) so his business does not pay the price for his behaviour. 

Here is the deal. It’s pretty easy to teach you how to use social media. I can easily tell you how many times a week to post, when to post, what to post and how to post, but the basic crux of using social media (and using it well) really just boils down to being a bloody good human.

If you’re posting on your page or in groups and your not sticking around to engage with others in the platform, then it’s unlikely you’ll receive a lot of engagement back. Engagement = engagement. You have to give to receive. Much like most things in life.


So, how to grow your business on social media (and not be a Facebook creep):


1. Spend 10 minutes engaging within the platform before posting your content. This doesn’t have to be on your business page it can be on your personal page too. Facebook likes to see you being active in the platform and this can help with the reach of your own posts.


2. Respond to comments. Firstly this boils down to that whole ‘being a good human’ thing we spoke about, it’s polite to respond. Also this is you being active and engaging and it encourages your audience to comment further, hence increasing the longevity of your post.


3. Make the first move. Spend time getting to know your audience. Make it personal. Be interested in what they have to say, ask questions, show you care – #beagoodhuman. It’s all about building relationships and trust so that your social media followers actually convert to customers. After all, isn’t this what it’s all about?


4. Be consistent. You need to be posting regularly and consistently. This rule basically applies to everything you do in your business. Whether it being your SEO or daily customer service rituals, you need to define your strategy and do it consistently. 

Think about if you owned a cafe or a hair salon, would you want your customer to have a completely different experience each time they came in? No, you’d want them to have a fabulous experience every time. Consistency is key – this applies to your social media strategy. Don’t dump and run every few weeks. 


5. Create engaging content. It’s all about humanising your brand, its the whole reason social media became popular in the first place. Conventional advertising, such as glossy magazine ads, went out the window because consumers relate to the real life / real time content. Although to be fair, there’s a hell of a lot of ‘fake’ on social media these days too, but it still has that human element to it (real people being fake perhaps). 

Point is, people won’t respond when you talk at them, in real life or on social media. The idea it to start a conversation and keep that conversation going as long as possible. Is your content a conversation starter?

Elsa Mitchell

Elsa Mitchell is the co-founder of B Directory, providing outside of the box solutions for small business, to help supercharge their growth. One of the ways they do this is by connecting business, bloggers and influencers to create the right online partnerships. B Directory also provides training and management of marketing services to help ease the overwhelm facing small business today.

Elsa’s ability to provide guidance to B Directory clients is underpinned by her extensive business background. Over ten years ago she established her own salon in the beauty industry, which is now a popular and successful operation. Further to this, Elsa is also the Marketing Director of her family business in the building and construction industry.

Elsa’s success in the customer service industry has allowed her to identify solutions and strategies surrounding bricks and mortar sales and building a positive team culture. A skill set she now is able to utilise to educate her B Directory customers.

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