“I don’t have enough time.”

“I’m always yelling at my kids.”

“I can’t charge that much – i’m not worth it.”

Sound familiar? Boy oh boy us women are pretty good at beating ourselves up and undervaluing our worth. 

I often feel like I’m doing everything and nothing well. I constantly beat myself up for not juggling my work / life balance ‘better’. I feel burdened by the belief that I am failing as parent and not achieving those unrealistic business goals I set for myself. No one self doubts more than I do (I hope for your sake you don’t).

As women in business so many of us are slowing down our ability to move forward and succeed purely because of these limiting beliefs (me included). So every now and then we need a kick up the butt. Someone to pull us out of victim mode and encourage us to ‘own our shit’.

Cue Deb Courtney, Creatrix® Transformologist®, I know, I know, I had never heard of such a thing before either but were fortunate enough to meet Deb on our recent SEO training tour of the Kimberley and learn a few tips that just happened to deeply resonate with us as mums in business. 

As a Creatrix® Transformologist® Deb works with women one on one to change the mindset and reduce toxic stress and negative beliefs that quite frankly, are just not allowing them to live their #bestlife. I hit Deb up for some practical (and easy as possible to implement) tips that could help reduce stress and increase productivity in my crazy attempt to juggle 3 kids and 3 businesses (I know, what am I thinking).

Since she didn’t have the ability to gift me with superhero powers (seriously Deb, you need to lift your game) she gave me this advice. 


7 tips to overcome those annoying Mumpreneur roadblocks


1. Block your time

Blocking your time allows you to focus one thing at a time, so that you can do it well, without getting sidetracked (and hence then accomplishing nothing at all, sound familiar?).

Your children will start to realise there is Mummy time, husband time and play time (don’t forget wine time, most important). Look at your weekly planner and schedule things that have to be done no matter what, i.e – dropping the kids at school, appointments etc.

No matter how old your child is, you can start to incorporate this strategy –  of course kids don’t always go according to our plan but respond well to routine and schedules.  Just don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t go exactly to plan all the time.

2. Leave the house to work

Leave the house? What do you mean? I’m supposed to be working from home!

Sometimes it can be beneficial to leave the house to work otherwise the best exercise you get is getting up and down from your desk, because as soon as your bottom touches the seat you’ll hear “Mum!” and you’re up again. Great thigh workout but not so good for your financial bottom line.

Plus change of scenery = fresh energy. 

3. Write a list

Let’s face it, as mumpreneurs we have SO much to remember, which sucks if you’re forgetful like me.  I have friends that are great list writers and I admired how they could write and follow one but didn’t think it was for me. WELL!! How wrong I was.

Lists are fantastic! Even if I don’t take it with me everywhere, just the act of writing it down makes a big difference. It’s the same with a shopping list. If I write it but forget to take it, I still seem to remember what I had written. It is the way the brain is wired and works effectively.

 You can accomplish so much more and stay on task if you just write a list. 

4. Habit is more important than length of time

Did you have a gym membership pre-babies, spending hours there just because you could? Now you’re probably lucky to even own gym gear.

Fitting in time to exercise is so important for your energy levels and your sanity. Quite often because we can’t spend hours at the gym like we did pre children, we don’t go or do anything at all.

Just doing something is better than nothing.

Don’t try and conquer the world of weights by thinking you need to spend hours there to make a difference. In fact, you don’t need to leave the house unless you want to. Even if you give yourself 20 minutes every day then it’s the habit and consistency that will get you to your goals quicker.

5. Get an agreement from your partner

Discuss with your partner from the outset what your plans are in regards to developing a financially viable business whilst working from home.

By communicating clearly, making a plan and an agreement, you will find you’ll receive more support when you need the time to concentrate on work, as you’ll have a mutual understanding of the long term benefits to your family as a whole. Be sure to clarify the needs around both financial and time commitments. 

6. Inform the kids of your planned tasks

I always inform my kids of my plans. For example; “mummy needs to work for an hour after we have been to the park”.

This isn’t always effective with toddlers of course but it’s a great habit to get into as your children get older. Verbalising what you’re doing keeps everyone in the loop and if they know your long-term goal, they are more likely to get on board in supporting you quicker and more efficiently (especially if the goal includes something they will benefit from).

7. Outsource – get a cleaner!

I know a cleaner can seem like a luxury expense, but if you can review your expenses to accommodate, the return on investment once it frees up time to focus on your work will most definitely be worth it. Not to mention the energy you’ll regain by hand balling this task. 

Think like an entrepreneur and calculate the value of your time cleaning the house to what you could be earning from developing you and your business (maybe get rid of the Foxtel subscription).

If you’re a mum in business. outsourcing is so valuable to the growth of your business, and the preservation of a health mind set. 


If you’d like to know more about changing your mindset to move past a few nasty conversations you might be having in your head, feel free to reach out to Deb and find out how working with a Creatrix® Transformologist® can leverage success in your biz. 


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